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Are Freeze-Dried Meals Good for Backpacking?

Q: Freeze-dried meals might be a good choice for backpacking because they’re lightweight and provide a good amount of nutrients. Which ones would you buy? — Duc, Sugar Land, Texas A: As a matter of convenience, freeze-dried meals are great. But you’re paying for that convenience. If your budget does allow, though, it doesn’t get…

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How to Clean Your Pocketknife

Q: I use my pocketknife almost daily, and it gets so dirty. How can I stop that? — Noah, Winston-Salem, North Carolina A: Unfortunately, there isn’t a special treatment to constantly keep everything clean. Instead, set aside a little time after each use to clean your knife. Keeping your blades clean and sharp should maintain…

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What’s Better: Mittens or Gloves?

Q: What’s better: mittens or gloves? — William, New York, New York A: That’s up to your preference and the activity planned. Gloves allow for more dexterity; mittens tend to be warmer by keeping your fingers together. A more important question: Does it fit? Because that’s key to staying warm. Too big and the insulation…

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11 Tasty S’mores Recipes

S’mores are awesome, and we know there really isn’t a reason to mess with this classic camping dessert. But if you are feeling adventurous and want something new, here are 11 tasty alternative S’mores recipes that you should try. Got another S’mores variation? Tell us about it in the comments. THE CLASSIC S’MORE Toasted marshmallow…

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