OA Members – ACT Registration Extended to April 25th – Don’t miss this great leadership training! Chapter Officers should attend.

What is ACT (Adapt – Collaborate  –  Thrive)?  This event is designed to help Lodge and Chapter leaders  Adapt to face major challenges, Collaborate with their peers throughout the section, and, eventually, Thrive and become high performing.

Who should attend? ACT is open to all registered Arrowmen across Totanhan Nakaha Lodge.   The ACT Conference will prepare lodge and chapter leadership to improve upon the three high performing lodge indicators: unit election rate, induction rate, and activation rate. For the conference to be successful, all lodge and chapter officers should plan to attend. Any youth or adult Arrowmen who are involved in unit elections and visitations, induction events, and event planning should also attend.

Arrowmen aspiring for Lodge Leadership roles are strongly encourage to attend. This conference is about the future of YOUR Lodge!

Register by April 15th!

What will we learn? Youth leaders attending will learn about building relationships, engaging new members and existing members, building a vision for the future and how to enact that change, and how to bring all of your Lodge members with you on that journey

You MUST register by April 25th online at:      No late  registration allowed

Cost is $15 / person


Timing: Our first session will start at 10pm on Friday. We will finish ACT by 4pm on Saturday. CoC Onsite will run Sunday morning and finish no later than noon

Location/Housing: We will be meeting at Camp Ripley 15000 MN-115, Little Falls, MN  56345 . Sleeping arrangements are Tin Hut buildings 20’x40’. Power is available, bring power strips and bring brooms to ready and clean out your hut. Bring your mats or cots for sleeping, and camp chairs for seating – neither are provided

Other Requirements: All attendees need to provide 2 copies of their BSA Health Form. Anyone 18+ must provide valid identification (drivers license or state ID). No camouflage may be worn on base. Meals are provide on Saturday (B,L,D) and Sunday bag breakfast.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I’m not an officer. Should I go to ACT? 

A. ACT isn’t just for Lodge or Chapter Officers. Are you involved, or want to be involved, in Unit Elections, Conclaves, Planning fun activities for your fellow Arrowmen? Then ACT is for you! If you’re interested in being a Chapter or Lodge Officer, or just want to be involved in making the OA the best experience ever, then plan on attending

Q. What will I learn at ACT?

A. Learning from Lodges around the nation, we’ve found that the three key indicators of a successful Lodge are how they reach out to units and build a relationship, how successful the Lodge is at bringing new members into the OA, and, once they’ve joined, whether these new members come to a fun activity. These metrics are indicators of a fun, successful OA Lodge that is able to welcome new members and keep their current members active and having fun at the OA events.  You’ll learn not only why these metrics matter, you’ll also get a chance to see what others are doing that work!

Q. Why should I attend training? Can I use it outside of the OA?

A. Many of us, regardless of our role, have asked ourselves “how do I make this program that I love better?” While this training will focus on the Order of the Arrow program, many of the lessons are easily applied to your troop or crew. Are you struggling to welcome new Webelos? Are your older Scouts losing interest or dropping out? What we learn at ACT can help us all in how we think about our activities, new member recruitment and more — both inside and outside of Scouting.

Q. I attended my Lodge’s LLD. How is this different? 

A. LLD is a great program that is customized to what your lodge needs at the end. Think of this as the advanced course, featuring trainers from around the region. Not only are you getting great trainers and training, you’re able to talk to OA members from other Lodges and see what works well for them. By sharing great ideas, we all grow and succeed

Q. Can Adults attend? 

A. Yes, ACT is beneficial for Adults — particularly those who are in adviser roles. But make sure to bring some youth with you!

Q. Where is ACT held? 

A. We’ll be at Camp Ripley, just under 2 hours from Minneapolis. Section Conclave 2022 will be held at Camp Ripley (Sept 30 – Oct 2), so we will be touring the facilities on Sunday morning to plan for Conclave.

Q. Will there be housing? 

A. Yes, we will be in the “tin huts” at Camp Ripley. Plan on bringing a cot or sleeping pad for comfort and plan according to the weather (tin huts are not insulated or heated). You will stay Friday night and can stay on Saturday night as well.

Q. When will the conference start?

A. Our first session will be on Friday night at 10pm. On Saturday, we’ll be in sessions during the day, finishing up no later than 4pm (clean-up afterwards if you’re not staying Sat night). All are welcome to attend the Council of Chiefs (which consists of the Section G11 Officers and the Chiefs for the seven Lodges in our Section) on Sunday morning, finishing no later than 12pm.


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  1. Joseph Ross Patterson on April 4, 2022 at 3:19 PM

    I highly recommend attending

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