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Are Freeze-Dried Meals Good for Backpacking?

Q: Freeze-dried meals might be a good choice for backpacking because they’re lightweight and provide a good amount of nutrients. Which ones would you buy? — Duc, Sugar Land, Texas A: As a matter of convenience, freeze-dried meals are great. But you’re paying for that convenience. If your budget does allow, though, it doesn’t get…

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Be Prepared for some Scouts to get homesick this summer

It was late in the evening on his first-ever night at summer camp when my son decided he’d had enough. I remember I was just about to doze off when I heard footsteps and the unmistakable sound of kids whispering because they knew they were breaking curfew. When I stuck my head out of my…

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Happy 50th birthday to NESA! Here are 5 things you need to know about the National Eagle Scout Association

In 1971, Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board made one of its most significant recommendations: That approval be given to establish a National Eagle Scout Association … That the primary purpose be to conserve and develop the manpower potential represented by approximately 30,000 young men who annually become Eagle Scouts plus the more than…

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Take a Look at 6 of Nature’s Rarest Events

Nature is full of surprises, many of which are so rare that only a small number of people have ever witnessed them. Here are six examples of nature at its rarest. CORPSE FLOWER BLOOMS Looking and smelling like something straight out of a horror movie, the corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum) is so named because it…

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Watch Out for These 5 Stinging Caterpillars

IO (2 to 3 inches long, green with pink and white stripes down either side): The biggest of the caterpillar bad boys, this one has tufts of hair sticking up all over it. Small, slow, cute and fuzzy doesn’t always mean harmless. Caterpillars lurk in trees, shrubs and fields throughout the country. They hang from…

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How to Buy a Good Camping Air Mat or Sleeping Pad

Click here for the Gear Guy’s sleeping bag buying guide Find expert tips to help you get a good night’s sleep You might not think your sleeping pad or air mattress is important until you spend a miserable night on a bad one. Follow these buying tips and grab a top pick. SLEEPING PAD BUYING…

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