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Are Freeze-Dried Meals Good for Backpacking?

Q: Freeze-dried meals might be a good choice for backpacking because they’re lightweight and provide a good amount of nutrients. Which ones would you buy? — Duc, Sugar Land, Texas A: As a matter of convenience, freeze-dried meals are great. But you’re paying for that convenience. If your budget does allow, though, it doesn’t get…

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Be Prepared for some Scouts to get homesick this summer

It was late in the evening on his first-ever night at summer camp when my son decided he’d had enough. I remember I was just about to doze off when I heard footsteps and the unmistakable sound of kids whispering because they knew they were breaking curfew. When I stuck my head out of my…

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Happy 50th birthday to NESA! Here are 5 things you need to know about the National Eagle Scout Association

In 1971, Boy Scouts of America’s National Executive Board made one of its most significant recommendations: That approval be given to establish a National Eagle Scout Association … That the primary purpose be to conserve and develop the manpower potential represented by approximately 30,000 young men who annually become Eagle Scouts plus the more than…

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