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Over 160 Scouts and another 150 parents attended the 4th annual Brickbuilders event at Edina Community Center on Sunday, February 11. The event is a prize for our top popcorn sellers who sell more than $1300. Scouts can choose 1 or more events depending on the amount they sold last fall. They participated in five…

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Lifelong friends celebrate being Eagle Scouts

Author  Robin Huebner on Feb 11, 2018 at 8:57 p.m. FARGO—Two boys who’ve been friends for almost 15 years and involved in multiple activities together are sharing one more accomplishment before they graduate high school. Rylee Lindemann, 18, and Page Schoer, 18, both seniors at Fargo Davies High School, became Eagle Scouts and celebrated their Court of…

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20 facts about Venturing for the program’s 20th birthday

Today, Venturers everywhere have the green light to party. That’s because today is the Venturing program’s 20th birthday! The BSA’s executive board created the older-youth program on Feb. 9, 1998. In the 20 years since, Venturing has enabled more than 1 million young men and young women to choose their own adrenaline-packed adventures. Let’s begin the…

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