Updated COVID Guidance for Units

05/07/21   Effective today, we will follow state of Minnesota guidance for most settings that no longer requires face coverings, social distancing or limitations on groups sizes (below 500) for outdoor Scout outings, meetings and weekend campouts.  However, we continue to recommend that you follow social distancing, smaller group sizes and use of face coverings when social distancing is not manageable in outdoor settings because it will reduce the risk of transmission of COVID in Scouting activities.

If COVID exposure happens during a Scout activity you will still need to follow the guidance for notification of close contacts as outlined in our Unit COVID Safety Guidebook.  Additionally, all current requirements for group size, social distancing and face coverings for indoor settings will continue as stated in the Unit COVID Safety Guidebook.

We are currently reviewing our protocols for summer camps and Scouting activities beyond May 28th, which is when the state of Minnesota plans to sunset additional COVID restrictions.  Based on the counsel of medical and risk management teams, the possibility exists to still employ a level of restriction in these environments that may exceed what will be required by the state of Minnesota.  We are eager to get back to normal but we are also fully committed to ensuring that our summer camps can run safely, without interruption, for all kids this summer.

It is so important that all families view Scouting as a safe activity with minimal risk of contributing to a widespread outbreak of illness.  Please continue to work with your families and committees to find reasonable and safe compromises when concerns arise.

Find out more on the Northern Star Scouting COVID Protocols at: COVID19 and Northern Star Camps, Meetings & More

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