National Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy Update

On July 1 the National Boy Scouts of America organization announced that it had made substantial progress in its Chapter 11 case. They reported reaching agreement with a majority of the parties to attain a global resolution that will equitably compensate survivors and ensure Scouting’s future by resolving past abuse cases for both the national organization and local councils.

Progress toward a global resolution benefits the entire Scouting community. This agreement will help local councils like ours to make a contribution to the Trust for Survivors, allowing us to move forward with the national organization toward emergence as one Scouting Family. A voluntary local contribution will be made at the discretion of our board of directors in ways to minimize the impact on our council’s members, volunteers and current, as well as future operations.

Northern Star Scouting is separately incorporated, financially sound and committed to our mission of safe and positive youth development in all our communities through local Scouting programs.

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