How to Buy a Great Backpack

Backpacking expands your world, opening up vast backcountry areas for exploration beyond the reach of day hiking. But you’ll have to carry your portable home on your back. Besides boots, no piece of gear will affect how much you enjoy this activity like your backpack. Follow the Gear Guy’s advice to make sure you get…

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Ripley Rendezvous 2019 – May 17-19, 2019

Ripley Rendezvous 2019 will be held the Camp Ripley Army National Guard Training Facility, Camp Ripley, Little Falls, MN. This spring time event is truly a unique opportunity to utilize the training facility’s ranges and buildings in presenting three distinct levels of involvement. Extreme Program: Limit of 1,000 youth and adults;  Youth:Age 14+ or Venturer Adventurer Program: Limit  of…

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How to Fuel Your Body in the Backcountry

Q. What’s the trick to having enough energy while on a big outing? — Jack, Boston, Massachusetts Whether you’re backpacking, climbing, paddling or taking a simple hike, the key to maintaining your energy is food. Fuel your body right with these simple rules for eating in the backcountry: 1. Start the day with food. Hitting…

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WE PROVIDE TRAINED STAFF, GEAR, FOOD, AND THE FUN! It’s a cold February morning as students flood back into school. Image your Scouts and their classmates exchanging stories from their previous weekend. Instead of bragging about playing too many video games and drinking more soda than seems possible, your Scouts are boasting about their weekend sleeping…

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