WHAT’S NEXT? Grey Wolf, our council’s National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) conference is now complete and was extremely successful! Scouts from over 220 different troops and crews participated in Grey Wolf NYLT, each spending a week learning critical leadership skills while playing games, listening to presentations and spending time together in their assigned patrols. Over…

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Eagle Scout praised for bravery, service after London terror attack

Tobias Ellwood, the politician gaining praise for his heroism after a fatal stabbing outside the U.K. Parliament in London, is an Eagle Scout. Ellwood, born in New York City to British parents, was a member of the Boy Scouts of America’s Transatlantic Council, which serves American Scouts living overseas. He earned Scouting’s highest honor on May 25,…

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Unique Spot for Eagle Court of Honor

By Northern Star Museum of Scouting Spring at North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting is the season for Eagle Courts of Honor. For whatever reason, more new Eagles seem to finish their work, project, Scoutmaster conference, and board of review in time to have a Spring court of honor. The Museum has…

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What was the average age of 2016 Eagle Scouts?

Eagle Scouts are getting older, and that’s not a bad thing. In 1949, the average age of Eagle Scouts was 14.6 years. In 2016, that number was 17.35 years old. (That’s 17 years, 127.75 days.) I see two explanations. First, young men are staying in Scouting longer, meaning they’re enjoying the program and not feeling the…

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Top 5 merit badges for when you find 7 Earth-size planets 40 light years away

So astronomers have discovered seven Earth-size planets around a nearby star, huh? We’re officially one step closer to finding extraterrestrial life — or picking out the next planet for humans once we’re sick of this one. Or both. Either way, it’s likely Scouts will be involved. After all, at least two-thirds of all astronauts have been Scouts. Plus, those…

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