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In this turbulent world, there’s still a lot to learn from the late Gail Halvorsen — ‘Berlin Candy Bomber’ and father of 3 Eagle Scouts

Fifteen years before the grand act of kindness that earned him the nickname the “Berlin Candy Bomber,” Gail Halvorsen was the beneficiary of another act of kindness closer to home. Only, he didn’t realize it until he saw his mother’s ragged shoes. The year was 1933, and Halvorsen was a 12-year-old Boy Scout in Rigby, Idaho.…

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Pharmacist starts scholarship for Eagle Scouts at alma mater

Norman Garges knows not every student earns exemplary grades or holds leadership roles in his or her school. So when employees with the office of development at his alma mater, the University of Illinois, approached him about financially supporting students, he wanted to help those who might not have excelled academically but shined in other…

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Troops recruit local artists to give trailers spectacular flair

It’s been a while since we’ve asked Scouters to share their unit’s trailer designs. It’s great to see Scouts and adult leaders’ creativity and how they advertise their unit and Scouting. We still receive submissions, including the two below, which were done thanks to local artists the troops recruited. Many units pay a company to…

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United States District Court Rules in Favor of Boy Scouts of America, Grants BSA Motion for Summary Judgment in Trademark Infringement Case Brought By GSUSA

Statement of the Boy Scouts of America We are pleased that the court has vindicated the BSA’s position and summarily rejected all claims of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), observing that “In truth, Girl Scouts’ complaint is based, not on concern for trademark confusion, but on fear for their competitive position in a…

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Meet your 2022 recipients of the National Venturing Leadership Award

“A force for change.” “The consummate team player.” A “true leader” with “infectious and passionate enthusiasm for the Venturing program.” Their peers have different words to describe the greatness demonstrated by this dynamic dozen of Venturing members, but we know of one phrase that now fits them all: National Venturing Leadership Award recipients. Today, Bryan…

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Any Tips For Buying a First Backpack?

Q: I’ve been planning to buy a new backpack. Any tips? — Ben, Sandy, Utah A: First, consider your pack’s purpose. Want to go on weeklong backpacking treks? Then pick a pack that can hold a lot — at least 50 liters. For weekend hikes, a smaller daypack should work. Then look at the features,…

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