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Go on a Virtual Safari to See Wild Animals

Even if you can’t travel to Africa or visit a world-famous zoo, you can still watch wild animals in action. Many zoos, aquariums and nature parks provide live web cameras with 24-hour video feeds so you can do your animal watching at home on your computer, tablet or smartphone. There are dozens of live animal…

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Advancement during COVID-19: Official details about Eagle extensions and more

The BSA has a message to young people concerned that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will prevent them from completing Eagle Scout rank requirements before their 18th birthday: Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. During this unprecedented interruption to Scouting nationwide, the BSA has released new guidance on advancement during COVID-19. This includes: Time extensions for…

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Remember to drink up — before and during a trek

When I think about survival, hydration is top of mind. It is fundamental to us as humans, as in over half of our bodies are made up of water. Being dehydrated can lead to serious complications and side effects, with fatigue, headache and crankiness being some of the first signs. Water allows our bodies to…

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