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What constitutes a safe swimming area?

Photo by Michael Roytek When planning an aquatic Scouting event, you should review BSA safety resources beforehand. There are several tailored to specific activities, and they can all be found in the Aquatics Supervision leader’s guide. Part of Safe Swim Defense calls for establishing a safe swimming area. But what all should you consider when…

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BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting Fireside Chat: Safety

As part of the 2021 BSA National Annual Meeting, the organization held multiple Fireside Chat virtual meetings on a series of key topics. These included Safety, Membership Growth, Female Board Leadership, and Governance. Safety was the topic for the first of these meetings. Safety The safety-focused Fireside Chat featured a discussion on the new S.A.F.E.…

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How to be a zero-waste Scout troop

W. Garth Dowling/BSA file photo Scouts are the ultimate planet protectors. We use public lands responsibly. We pick up litter left behind by strangers. We volunteer our time for service projects that improve trails, control erosion and protect animals. These efforts are laudable, but we should ask ourselves whether we can do more. Just like…

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