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Holiday cards for heroes: A service project for our service members

While most American kids are busy deciding which Halloween costume to wear this year — Stranger Things or Star Wars? — the Scouts in the BSA’s Western Los Angeles County Council have flipped their calendars forward by two months. Yes, they’re already working on holiday cards. But there’s a good reason for this extra-early start…

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Rechecks of criminal backgrounds explained

You might have seen an email announcing that the Boy Scouts of America will be performing periodic rechecks of criminal backgrounds of all volunteers. Without dedicated volunteers, Scouting wouldn’t be the great, life-changing program it is today. You help make Scouting happen. You can also help make Scouting a safe place for our Scouts. The…

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Help your Scout discover their future by checking out these scholarships, offers

Benjamin Alva, left, and Cody Clements In the unsullied areas of the Yellowstone National Park wilderness, away from the tourist spots, Eagle Scouts Benjamin Alva and Cody Clements looked for clues that could lead to other-worldly discoveries. They collected samples from 200-plus-degree hot springs, preparing them for analysis of their nitrogen compounds, which are critical…

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