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Eagle Scout project still stands after devastating California fire

In 2018, the Camp Fire destroyed more than 150,000 acres in northern California, making it one of the deadliest and costliest wildfires in U.S. history. A few of the more than 18,000 buildings destroyed in the conflagration belonged to Our Savior Lutheran Church and School in Paradise, Calif. The sole surviving structure on the property…

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Top 5 merit badges for fans of the Olympics and future Olympians

Background photo: kaarsten, iStock/Getty Images Plus A character-defining challenge for those willing to push themselves harder than their peers. A commitment celebrated by community and country. A uniform featuring the American flag. Yes, the journey to represent Team USA in the Olympic Games has a lot in common with the journey of Scouting. As we…

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Now all Scouting volunteers can catch the Fall Membership Kickoff event July 27 (no registration required!)

True to the ever-dedicated spirit of Scouting volunteers, the overwhelming interest in July 27’s Momentum ’21 Fall Membership Kickoff event broke the internet! Well … kind of. This virtual conference is packed with so much vital knowledge and energy for the 2021 joining season, it’s no wonder our movement maxed out Zoom’s capacity. But with…

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