Recruiting Theme: Little Free Library

A great idea from District L: put some JoinCubs.Org bookmarks in every Little Free Library in your area! LFLs are like leave-a-penny / take-a-penny cups, but for Books!  There’s a world-wide map of ‘official’ locations here.  What a great fit for our promotional bookmarks! If you need some bookmarks, let your DE know and we’ll…

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Recruiting is in full swing for Packs and Troops!

Did you know that District M has the largest youth membership in Northern Star Council? Our youth membership currently stands at 2166! Our goal is to have 2500 youth enrolled by June 30, 2021. This is larger than some BSA Councils.   There is no question that these are challenging days for all our packs…

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National Recruitment Webinar – Tues, Aug 25th @ 7pm

Register NOW for the Next NATIONAL RECRUITMENT WEBINAR: • “I can’t recruit in my school!” Drive-Thru Recruiting • Family Fun Fest and The Pinewood Derby 500 Open • It’s Not Too Late: 5 Things to Do to Invite Families to Join Who should attend: Cub Scout Unit Leaders, Council Staff, Commissioners, Marketing staff and volunteers…

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Why do I recruit?

It’s August, which means every Scout leader starts hearing about three things – Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. As a leader, I think many of us start to wonder why there is such a push to bring in new Scouts? I’m working hard at making sure my current scouts have a great experience, so where do I…

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Free Facebook Geofencing for our units this fall!

The BSA will be providing Facebook Geofencing capabilities for our units this fall. If you have a specific event that you want to promote, please send the name of the event, your unit number, and the date, time, and location of the event to our District Executive, Jim Bollback ( You need to allow about…

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A UNIT PROGRAM PARTNER – ONE FOR EACH FAMILY For our new Scouting year, we have a new tool!  Copies of a 16-page, full color 2020-2021 Program Catalog for ALL your member households can be picked up at the August Program Kick-Offs. They contain brief descriptions, identified by season and Scouting program, of the major…

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Consider a Bike Rodeo for your Pack this Fall!

Looking for a great activity for your Pack to meet outside this fall? Consider a Bike Rodeo as an option to bring the Pack together for a fun group activity that can be done outside while maintaining social distancing. This can make a great Pack meeting and a great Joining Activity for prospective Scouts! Partnering…

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What does Cub Scouting Look like this Fall?

Leaders – How are you planning for this fall? Starting around mid-March of 2020, in-person Den and Pack activities — including field trips and other visits to community resources — were suspended on account of the risk of transmission of Covid-19, under guidance and directives about physical distancing. At this time, we lack good information about…

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