Scout Day at THE NUTCRACKER STORY BALLET – December 8, 2018 – Bring a non-Scout Friend to the event – PURCHASE TICKETS NOW!

A SCOUTING SPECIAL EVENT Youth Dance Ensemble presents THE NUTCRACKER STORY BALLET: A Special Scouting Event! ***This is an exclusive event for Scouts, their non-Scout friends, and their families*** DECEMBER 8, 10AM-12PM Bring your den to “The Land of Sweets” to see The Nutcracker Ballet and to EARN BADGES! For the past 27 years, Youth…

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Let’s Make History – Recruiting Materials to Help Fill Girl Dens

For the first time in over 100 years, we are excited to announce Family Scouting! Now not only boys and girls, but entire families will have the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement that makes Scouting unique. The values taught in the Scouting program builds character, and when combined with the ‘Scouting’ experience, it…

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Upcoming Bring-A-Friend Events

  One of the best ways to recruit new Cub Scouts is ‘peer-to-peer’. When a Scout brings a friend to a scouting event (e.g., pack or den meeting, pinewood derby, field trip, etc), they both have fun! It’s a fantastic introduction to Cub Scouts for the boys and their parents. When a Scout brings a…

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2018 Annual Unit Recharter Turn-in

All Units should have their recharter packets and be working on the renewal process. Information on charter renewal can be found using the button below. Charters can be turned in to Unit Commissioners at the November 1st Roundtable or later by contacting them. Units that are striving for JTE levels Platinum and Gold must have…

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12 DAYS OF FUN We had a pretty exciting year at the Minnesota State Fair! Our Adventure Summit booth had nearly 6,000 youth participants, and over 1,000 who said they were interested in joining Scouts! RAIN OR SHINE Our Scout booth is a pretty unique place at the State Fair. Not only is it an…

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New Scouts in your Pack, Troop or Crew?

Thank you to all our units and leaders who worked to promote, recruit, and sign-up new members! Your work with your units makes the difference. School Night For Scouting was a little(!) wet, but that hasn’t stopped this group of dedicated volunteers from working to sign-up new Scouts! Why do we care about new members?…

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Did You Miss Signing up for Cub Scouts because of the Weather?

It’s not too late to sign them up for Scouting! Even thought the weather outside on Thursday may have been frightful, fall recruiting can still continue.  Packs and Troops can continue to reach out to parents via emails, text, phone or Facebook. Customized Flyers are still available from Northern Star Scouting. These are in a…

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RESERVE ONE FOR A MAJOR COMMUNITY FESTIVAL OR EVENT We’ve got some really exciting resources available to serve as a new member recruitment tool while helping increase Scouting’s visibility and image. Archery is one of our most popular camp activities and these commercial, specially branded inflatable ranges can give festival goers a taste of Scouting.…

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