What Does Cub Scouting Look Like This Fall?

Fall Scouting Planning – How to Think about your Program during COVID-19 Let’s Reflect on What Cub Scouting Looks Like Now:  Starting around mid-March of 2020, in-person Den and Pack activities — including field trips and other visits to community resources — were suspended on account of the risk of transmission of Covid-19, under guidance…

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New Pack Promotion Video!!

Northern Star Scouting has created this new promotional video that Packs can use to promote Cub Scouts on Facebook Nextdoor Twitter Website Click to share more on your social media feed! <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Free Geofenced Facebook Events for Membership Events!

BSA National is offering to pay to promote your recruitment event on Facebook for free! If you have an event that you would like ‘boosted’ with the date, time, location, unit number, contact info and a brief description of the event. Boosting starts about 14 days before the event date, and will be targeted…

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Things I Did Because I Was a Scout: An impressive list

Those less familiar with Scouting know all about the camping and fishing and hiking that young men and young women enjoy in our program. They know that Scouts and Venturers are kind and do good deeds. “That’s a good start,” says longtime volunteer Ray Capp, “but there is so much more.” So Capp asked some former…

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National BeAScout System – Important Information

National BeAScout System Many unit leaders have received communication from BSA National about updating the BeAScout recruitment tool.  PLEASE DON’T DO SO! Northern Star registrars have set BeAScout pins to redirect to AdventureIsCalling so new families have access to accurate pricing and scholarship opportunities.  Please, DON’T CHANGE YOUR UNIT PIN. for questions or any…

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Summer Recruitment tip: NextDoor & Adventure is Calling

Several Packs have reported success using NextDoor to promote Pack events, fundraisers and recruitment!  Help your community know about the great things going on in Cub Scouting! Visit our online training videos to learn more about this hyper-local social media platform. is Northern Star’s online registration platform.  This July, find your Pack and make…

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Turn Almost Anything Into a Recruitment Event!

Be sure to download the latest Turn Almost Anything into a Recruitment Event booklet, created just for the Packs and Troops in District M. This handout of best practices, tools, and tips is a great resource throughout the year for leaders, both new and old, to build recruiting into your events.  

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Summer Recruitment tip: yard sign it up! 

  Did your local festival get cancelled?  Is your Pack missing out on its usual parade promotion?  Drive some local awareness and visibility with yard signs! Yard signs are available at the BaseCamp office.  Order yours here!  They’re free! Some Packs have turned yard sign placement into a family event!  Set a day for each…

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Cub Scout Fall Recruitment

With all the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is wondering about Fall Recruitment. While there are many questions that cannot be answered at this time, pending decisions yet to be made by the Governor and other State leaders, our District is committed to working together to recruit many new Cub Scouts this…

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