April Family Scouting Update

FAMILY SCOUTING IS ALIVE AND STRONG IN OUR NORTHERN STAR SCOUTING PROGRAMS! Cub Scout packs have been offering co-ed opportunities for over a year now, and we have a Scouts BSA troop for young women in nearly every district! Forms, tools and resources to help your decision making are available on a new page on…

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NOW is the right time to join Scouts!

Many times, families of prospective Cub Scouts and Scouts wonder “When can we join?” They might be more comfortable with “soccer season” or an enrollment window. One of the great things about Scouts is that you can join at any part of the year, including this spring! Why join now? One of the best opportunities…

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The most important patch in Scouting might not be what you think

The Arrow of Light marks a major milestone in a Cub Scout’s growth. The senior patrol leader badge represents the most important position in a troop. And the Eagle Scout award symbolizes an incredible journey of perseverance. But when considering the array of Scouting awards and recognitions available to young people, there’s one that stands…

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Upcoming Bring-A-Friend Events

  One of the best ways to recruit new Cub Scouts is ‘peer-to-peer’. When a Scout brings a friend to a scouting event (e.g., pack or den meeting, pinewood derby, field trip, etc), they both have fun! It’s a fantastic introduction to Cub Scouts for the boys and their parents. When a Scout brings a…

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RESERVE ONE FOR A MAJOR COMMUNITY FESTIVAL OR EVENT We’ve got some really exciting resources available to serve as a new member recruitment tool while helping increase Scouting’s visibility and image. Archery is one of our most popular camp activities and these commercial, specially branded inflatable ranges can give festival goers a taste of Scouting.…

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