What does Cub Scouting Look like this Fall?

Leaders – How are you planning for this fall?

Starting around mid-March of 2020, in-person Den and Pack activities — including field trips and other visits to community resources — were suspended on account of the risk of transmission of Covid-19, under guidance and directives about physical distancing. At this time, we lack good information about what August and September recruiting season will look like in schools and other communities.  Nor can we predict what the rest of the 2020-2021 program year will look like.

Check out the District M Cub Scout 2020-2021 Planning Page

This is your One-Stop page for all of the different materials, from meeting guidelines, potential activities, and recruiting ideas for your Pack during this coming year. Key topics for Leaders to Review are:

What does Recruiting Look Like? 

What Do Den and Pack Leaders Do Under a Plan “B” Pack Program?

In the meantime, let’s look at two different scenarios of what Does Cub Scouting will look like in 2020-2021?

Plan “A”:  An in-person program for a Cub Scout Pack (“what Cub Scouts do”) has looked like this over the past several years – and will again someday (hopefully very soon):Plan “B”:  With a Family-Led plan, the program menu for “what Cub Scouts do” may look more like this:
Den Adventures (meetings):  Commonly twice a month (but some Dens meet more, and some meet less), led by a Den Leader, with at least one other registered leader present.  These meetings cover most advancement elements.  Parents usually invited to help lead – some help, some don’t.Family Activities:  Usually just a few advancement items done “at home” when assigned by a Den Leader (like chores and Family Faith Adventures).

Pack Activities:  Usually monthly, often an activity like a campout or hike or field trip or Pinewood Derby or bike rodeo or fishing outing or other activity.  Sometimes a classic Pack “meeting”.

Family Activities: Family-led and on the family’s schedule, led by a parent with guidance from a Den or Pack Leader – almost all advancement elements done at home by Parent and Scout or with the full family.  Parents essential as leaders of their Scouts – Den + Pack leaders lead the parents to be leaders of their Scouts.Den Coordination (Some Virtual Meetings): Den Leader primary role becomes guiding parents about how to do Cub Scout activities at home; secondary role is “checking in”, with parents and Scouts, either in group calls or Zooms.  Maybe some “virtual” meetings (likely shorter than “in person” meetings).

Pack Activities:  Maybe monthly or less often since group outings are limited and larger “virtual” events are difficult. Some events can be “virtual” – campouts on the same night, hikes on the same day, or Pinewood Derby over video feed.

In these pages, we’re calling that “Plan B” for your Pack.

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