Unit Leader Gathering – Thursday, April 21st at 7pm

The first Very Important Date is next Thursday, April 21 at 7PM.  We will be holding our Unit Leader Gathering at the Wayzata Mason’s Hall (see attached map) at 7PM as well as hosted online via Zoom (meeting link will be provided next week).  One very important item will be our Annual District Election where we approve our annual District Volunteer Roster.

If you are a registered District Volunteer, please attend and cast your vote for our 2022-2023 District Roster.  Unit leaders, please also attend because after the vote, we will continue our discussion from last month regarding Roundtable gatherings.

We are seeking Unit Leaders to step up once per quarter to take stewardship of Roundtable gatherings starting in July 2022.  This is a format that we will try out though the Fall and Winter of 2022 and just see how things go from there!


Commissioners Meeting will be held prior to this meeting at 6pm.



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