Scouts BSA Troop Youth & Adult Leaders needed for NEW ‘Webelos Experience in the Woods’

We are looking for the assistance of Adult and Youth Experienced Leaders from Lake Minnetonka Troops to assist in Leadership roles for the weekend for the Lake Minnetonka Webelo Cub Scouts. The ASPL, Troop guides and ASM will be working with Webelos from Lake Minnetonka, making this a great recruitment opportunity for Troops.

Youth leadership will consist of a Sr Patrol leader who is over all the program just as they would be in a Troop and working directly with the Scoutmaster. Open positions for Youth Leaders in Lake Minnetonka are as follows:

  • An Assistant SPL from Lake Minnetonka reporting to the SPL and working with the Lake Minnetonka District ASM
  • 3-6 Lake Minnetonka Troop guides for each patrol

(You must be at a First-Class Scout or above, 14 years of age or older and have Leadership Experience in the position you are applying for)

 Open positions for Adult Leaders in Lake Minnetonka are as follows:

  • An Assistant ASM
  • An Assistant Adult Program Coordinator
  • An Assistant adult grub master
  • An Assistant adult quarter master


This brand-new opportunity is for 4th and 5th Grader Webelos Cub Scouts, to learn what Scouts BSA is all about, while meeting other Scouts from not only Lake Minnetonka District but also encompassing the other 5 surrounding Districts.


The event is scheduled for Nov 1-3 at Stearns Scout Camp. The vision for the weekend is to showcase the Scouts BSA program to Webelos and their parents through being an active member of a patrol on a weekend Scouts BSA campout. Through this, the aim of the weekend is to:

  • Increase Webelos retention in Scouts BSA by showcasing the Scouts BSA program and modeling Scouts BSA by older youth and adults to help ease transition anxiety and increase excitement
  • Improve Pack / Troop relations by giving Troops the opportunity to form relationships with Pack members and recruit Webelos.

On the weekend campout, the Webelos will form patrols of a larger newly formed Scouts BSA Troop.  Each Webelos patrol will be led by an experienced Scouts BSA youth.  The patrols will work together and play in a fun outdoor setting. In a separate program, the parents will learn about the fundamentals of Scouts BSA and how it differs from Cub Scouts,  to give them a better understanding of Scouts BSA as they transition to the Troop.

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