OA Member – Complete you Brotherhood at one of the two upcoming Virtual Events – Registration closes tomorrow for the March Event!!

JMQ Virtual Constellation Brotherhood Ceremony Events

On Saturday March 6th and Saturday April 17th, the JMQ Constellation of the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge will host virtual Brotherhood Induction Ceremonies.  These ceremony events are for Ordeal members that have served as an Arrowmen for a minimum of 6 months.  Traditionally, the Brotherhood ceremony is offered as a feature of the Fall an Spring Induction Conclave, but were omitted this past year to adhere to the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge’s COVID-19 guidelines.  In order to ensure that Arrowmen have an opportunity to further their engagement in the lodge, the JMQ Constellation will offer these virtual offerings for eligible Arrowmen this year.

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Saturday March 6th (Register by March 1st)

Saturday April 17th (Register by April 12th)

Event Schedule:

  • Check-in 9AM
  • Review of prerequisites 9-10AM
  • Ceremony 10AM-12PM


The eligibility requirements for virtual participants will be the same as those for in person inductions, and are outlined in the section below.  Virtual attendees will need to register two weeks in advance in order to account for material to be mailed out in advance of the event.  The registration cost for the event is $18 which helps cover the supply costs and recognition items for participants.  Registrants should expect a mailed package containing supplies for the ceremony, as well as recognition items.*

As a part of the registration process, you will be asked for your Order of the Arrow ID number.  If you do not know your number, you can reach out to your local chapter, or request a look-up by emailing [email protected].

*We will try our best to deliver supplies prior to the start of the event.  In the event that the package of materials has not arrived by the start time, participants should proceed with attending and participating in the virtual event.


The Order of the Arrow Handbook sets forth five challenges that an Ordeal member must meet before participating in the Brotherhood Induction Ceremony. The ceremony will be at the end of the virtual induction event.

  • Memorize the signs of Order of the Arrow membership, including the Obligation, Admonition, song, sign of the Ordeal, and hand clasp.
  • Advance your understanding of the Ordeal (see “Customs and Traditions of the Ordeal” in your handbook).
  • Serve your unit for a minimum of 6 months since becoming an Ordeal member.
  • Plan for your service in the lodge, including maintaining your program dues.
  • When you feel you have met requirements, write a letter to the lodge secretary detailing your explanation of the meaning of the Obligation, how you have worked to fulfill the Obligation, and finally, how you plan to provide future service to the lodge.

The first two bullet points above will be part of the discussion during the virtual induction. To help with the letter writing portion of Brotherhood conversion, we have provided a PDF of the Brotherhood Letter (attachments section to the right) and an online submission for letters to the secretary here:

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