Despite the recent National BSA membership fee increase announcement, the Northern Star youth membership fee will remain unchanged, honoring our commitment to keep it steady for three years when introduced last year. It will cover the new National BSA increase, as well as absorb the $25 National BSA new Scout joining fee as part of our overall annual fee for all.

The adult registration fee will increase to $45 for the year.

Further details on our 2021-2022 Northern Star Scouting Annual Program Registration/Renewal program, including new FAQ/walkthrough guides and infographics, can be found here on the Northern Star Scouting website.


  • For our program year beginning September 1, registration and renewal is fully online for both youth and adults.
  • The annual youth registration fee is $180 and covers the costs of delivering Scouting locally, the national membership fee, and insurance. Adult fees are $45.
  • This fee reflects the real cost of Scouting, which has allowed us to eliminate the Family Friends of Scouting unit solicitations.  The goal is to keep this price stable through the program year ending in 2023.
  • Families have quick and confidential access to scholarship assistance.
  • All returning families and volunteers received an email with a link to a secure registration page on our website to register for the 2021-2022 program year and pay their fees.
  • REQUIRED – Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years for all registered adults and youth 18 and older.
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