Million Dollar Day for Scouting Recap and Replay Available

The most excellent news first…

WE… HIT…   $1,000,000

THANK YOU to everyone who attended and was able to make their donation to support Scouting in the Northern Star Council.

While we’ve shifted away from our traditional Family Friends of Scouting campaign within units with the new annual registration process/programs, the Friends of Scouting campaign continues to reach out to leaders, the community, and business leaders as a key source of funds for Scouting’s programs. Friends of Scouting provides for all Scouting programs that instill leadership growth and teach young people the skills they will need for life. We reach out to Scouting’s community and business leaders to create an inspiring launch to the campaign. This enables the council to start the year in a strong position while conserving staff and volunteer time, which can be directed to serving the council’s growing membership.

For anyone who could not make an event or wishes to re-watch one of the events, you can still “sign up” using one of the links provided here: and “register” for  one of the programs, which will allow you to view the recorded version. The inspiring program, excellent fellowship, community recognitions and your financial support will ensure youth in Scouting have fun transformational experiences for years to come.  You will have to click “play” on the screen and can skip the first few minutes of blue screen intro video.

If you missed the opportunity to support Scouting with your financial contribution, you can do so here:

Watch the Million Dollar Day Replay

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