Have you completed your Pack Annual Plan yet?

Excellent Cub Scout packs know that a great program doesn’t just happen: packs must take the time to plan and organize for the year ahead. Planning helps prevent conflict and last-minute problems, and ensures a safe, successful program. Pack Annual Planning meetings ideally take place in May, June, or July to ensure that everyone is ready for the next year of Cub Scouting!

Below are key steps and tools for use in Pack Program Planning . Don’t forget about your best resource, your UNIT COMMISSIONER. He or she will be meeting with the Pack before the end of August to check in on your Program and Budget Planning

Before the Meeting

Invite all pack committee members, den leaders, and parents to a meeting to plan your pack’s program

Collect dates for the upcoming year (holidays, school events, district activities, leader trainings, and
community activities) and put into a master calendar to be reviewed and discussed at the meeting.

Resource: Lake Minnetonka’s District and Council Calendar

During the Meeting

Review what the pack did last year, month-by-month. Do you want to do those activities again? What events went well? Did we go to camp? Did we sell popcorn? Use this research to help guide what you might want to keep, replace, or improve.

Brainstorm activities your pack might want to do this year. Think of new and exciting things to do.

Resource: Unit Activity Planning Guide

Is a particular activity something for an individual den or the pack as a whole? Could the activity be incorporated into a meeting? And so on. Take a vote on which activities to include on the meeting schedule, and then add the activities to your calendar.

Sample: Pack Calendar

Ask for volunteers and record who will be responsible for each event. This would include names, like “Bob Smith” will be in charge of the Blue & Gold Banquet. This is also a good chance to assign responsibilities at pack meetings to dens.

Resource: Questionnaire and Checklist for Program Planning


Set a budget based on the activities planned, number of boys who are likely to advance, and the number of youth and adult members in the pack. Determine your approximate yearly expenses and plan enough fund- raising activities to cover these expenses, including

  • MEMBERSHIP FEES: All youth and adults pay $24 per year to register as members of the Boy Scouts of America. Your pack, troop, or crew should remember to budget for these, and pay one check to Northern Star Council to cover all these fees at recharter time.
  • FUNDRAISING: We recommend having a goal of how much you need to raise based on your budget. Popcorn is the official fundraiser of Northern Star Council. Every pack, troop, or crew should have at least one fundraiser but also be careful not to spend too much of the year fundraising.
  • CAMPING FEES: Attending camp is the highlight of the year for most Scouts. Camp fees range from $10 to $200, depending on the age level and the camp. It’s important to budget for this great experience.
  • SPECIAL ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS: Blue and Gold Dinners and the Pinewood Derbies are just some of the special activities you might want to do. Scouts and families anticipate these events so determine in the budget whether they’re covered entirely by the annual budget or if special participatory fees are necessary.

Resource: Pack Budget Template

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