Has your Pack selected your Glowing Ember? Deadline extended to May 11th

27 Packs have yet to select their Glowing Ember — is your Pack one of them?

Glowing Ember Award

The Glowing Ember Award is selected by the Unit and presented by the District to an individual — a parent and leader who during the past year have given that extra bit of contagious enthusiasm, which is so much a part of a successful pack, troop, or crew.

program. This is YOUR opportunity to help us recognize those leaders who have made your experience as a Scouter better . . . better because you have been able to witness this person’s devotion to Scouting. Each UNIT COMMITTEE may SELECT ONE INDIVIDUAL (parent or scouter) FROM THEIR UNIT to receive the District’s ‘Glowing Ember Award’ at the dinner.

Glowing Ember Award


The below Packs have not yet selected their Glowing Ember – Be sure to select your award winner by May 11th!

Pack 3206Pack 3388
Pack 3273Pack 3391
Pack 3285Pack 3409
Pack 3292Pack 3426
Pack 3295Pack 3427
Pack 3297Pack 3429
Pack 3301Pack 3481
Pack 3303Pack 3460
Pack 3327Pack 3490
Pack 3330Pack 3537
Pack 3346Pack 3538
Pack 3352Pack 3577
Pack 3361Pack 3589
Pack 3372
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