Grey Wolf NYLT 2021 Participant Nomination – Due March 1st — don’t Delay

Grey Wolf is our council’s National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT). The course is designed around a model troop/crew’s month.

  • The unit is led by a youth staff trained to provide counseling and mentoring
  • Adult leadership is present, but the unit is run by the well-trained youth staff
  • Youth completing the course return to their units ready to lead and more excited for Scouting
Grey Wolf Nomination Form


A one-week program for male and female First Class Scouts and Venturers held in June and July, at Fred C. Andersen Scout Camp, it replicates the first three weeks of typical unit operations, including patrol leader’s council meetings, troop/crew meetings, patrol meetings, and planning for a big event. Becoming a better leader is the theme, but many aspects apply to daily life.


  • Communicating
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Preparing Plans
  • Staging of Team Development
  • Problem Solving
  • The Leading Edge
  • The Teaching Edge
  • Resolving Conflicts
  • Making Ethical Decisions
  • Leading Yourself


  • Giving Presentations
  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Scout Skills
  • Troop/Crew Operations

You’ll need the desire to make a long-term commitment to master the skills and tools to benefit your troop or crew. Grey Wolf is unlike any other Scout camp. You won’t work on merit badges, advancement, or have daily swims. You’ll play a lot of games and do fun activities (like geocaching) that promote team-building. Get ready for a fast-paced week and prepare to learn for yourself and your unit.


Scoutmasters/Advisors will be given the opportunity to nominate one primary and one secondary Scout/Venturer for Grey Wolf in an online registration. Space is limited to 320 youth over the 4 one-week sessions of Grey Wolf. We hope to give every troop/crew in the council one spot per year. Depending on how many units apply, some units may be offered a second spot.

Check for this year’s calendar dates and additional information on this page for the next Grey Wolf sessions.


Send someone who wants to go and will be leading their troop/crew when they return home. Send someone who sets a good example for others. Send the right Scout, for the right reasons, and you’ll be happy you did.

Attitude is the most important factor when it comes to selecting someone to attend Grey Wolf. There’s a lot to learn and do. If a participant isn’t willing to become totally involved, he or she will miss out on a great program. Please consider:

  • Prerequisite of taking ILST/ILSC – Introduction to Leadership Skills through your troop or crew
  • First Class Rank and Continued tenure
  • Commitment to Scouting
  • Maturity

All attending Scouts BSA members (male and female) must be at least 13. They must be First Class and have completed Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops. Venturers and Sea Scouts (male and female) must be at least 14, or 13 and have completed eighth grade, and fall within the maximum age allowance for their program. They must have completed Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews or Ships. It is recommended that they have had at least one year of camping experience.

After Scoutmasters/Advisors have submitted their choices online, the participants will be notified and asked to also register and pay the fees online. All registrations, fees, and health forms are due May 1 of the participating year. Be careful when choosing a week, Grey Wolf fills quickly and there may not be a chance to change later.


Check-in for Grey Wolf week begins at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, at Fred C Andersen Scout Camp. Please arrive on-time wearing the official field uniform. The course finishes after the closing ceremony on the following Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Parents, Scoutmasters, and Crew Advisers are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony.


Learn more about Grey Wolf

Please use the following resources for more information:

  • The Navigator and eNavigator – Northern Star Council’s newsletter
  • District Training Chairs – volunteer chairperson in charge of training for your district has access to a wealth of resources
  • Grey Wolf/NYLT Coordinator – volunteer chairperson for Grey Wolf/NYLT can be reached at [email protected].
  • Registration Team – [email protected]
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