UPDATED!! Unit Recharters are due this Thursday, October 15th!

Unit Rechartering is due by Thurs, Oct 5th. Don’t delay – your charter must be turned in or your unit will be dropped (and Scouts won’t be able to earn rank, etc)

Key items you need do ASAP! You don’t need to wait until all adults are in — send in your charter as soon as you have the minimum number of leaders. Additional leaders will be added as they are registered.

  1. Complete your online unit renewal paying the $75 fee by going to
  2. Have your Chartered Org Rep review/sign a copy of your weekly charter report — be sure it includes:
    • 1 Chartered Organization Representative (must be the same for ALL units under the Chartered Partner)
    • 1 Committee Chair
    • 1 Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Venturing Advisor, Exploring Advisor, Skipper)
    • At least 2 Committee Members
    • At least 1 Den Leader (Packs only)
  3. Have your Institutional Head and Chartered Org Rep sign the Blue (Charter Org Approval Form) and Gold (Charter Partner Agreement) Forms
  4. These can be scanned and emailed to our District Exec, Jim Bollback [email protected]

Each Committee Chair or Unit Leader should have received your Annual Charter Packet in hardcopy (for Packs, this was included in your Fall Recruiting Materials). You will use these reports for your Charter Process, so if you’re not receiving them, contact our District Exec, Jim Bollback [email protected]

For more information, see our Recharter Article and our updated District M Charter FAQs for more information

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