Congratulations to the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts!!

Eagle Scouts have been leading positive change in their communities for more than a century. That tradition continues with the historic inaugural class of Female Eagle Scouts. “Eagle Scout is a designation widely valued by universities, employers, and other respected institutions around the world, and we are honored to celebrate the hundreds of incredible young women who represent a truly historic class of recipients,” said Roger Mosby, president and CEO of the Boy Scouts of America. “In earning this rank, young people gain new skills, learn to overcome obstacles, and demonstrate leadership among their peers and in their communities. Scouting’s benefits are invaluable, and we are elated that the opportunity to become an Eagle Scout is now available to even more youth—young men and young women alike.

Only about 6% of Scouts on average attain Scouting’s highest rank, which requires individuals to take on leadership roles within their troop and their community; earn a minimum of 21 merit badges that cover a broad range of topics including first aid and safety, civics, business and the environment; and research, organize and complete a large community service project.

“This is a powerful moment for these young women, for all Eagle Scouts, and for our nation,” said Jenn Hancock, the BSA’s national chair for programs. “People recognize Eagle Scouts as individuals of the highest caliber, and for the first time, that title isn’t limited by gender.”

Help celebrate the leadership accomplishments of the inaugural class as we highlight the positive impact Scouts make in communities every day. If you missed the live-stream Sunday night, check out the replay on youtube:



934 Eagles make up the inaugural class, including several from Northern Star Scouting (and from our very own District M). Comment to recognize these Eagles you know!

Aaraya VCatherine SHalen DKrystine HOlivia M
Abbigail DCatherine HHaley FKylee AOlivia T
Abby TCatherine THaley SKylee DPaige B
Abigail KCatherine NHanah HKylie SPaige C
Abigail SCatrina SHaneen SKyra GPaige R
Abigail SCeleste BHannah MKyra CPaige C
Abigail SCeridwen BHannah KKyra LPamela B
Abigail SCharis AHannah MKyra APatricia K
Abigail MCharlotte BHannah BLarissa FPayton R
Abigail BChloe SHannah FLarissa OPayton D
Abigail WChloe SHannah OLaura OPersephone A
Abigail CChloe KHannah LLaura DPeyton W
Adan MChloe CHannah YLaura SPhilippa S
Addison JChloe DHannah LLaura MPiper D
Adelaide LChloe GHannah HLaura QPiper C
Adelaine FChloe BHannah TLaura APriyasha L
Adele KChristina AHannah BLauren VRachel L
Adeline SChristine MHannah CLauren RRachel L
Adhelle KClaire JHayden CLauren PRachel R
Adrianna AClaire SHeather DLauren DRachel S
Adrien PClaire JHeidi VLauren DRachel P
Aida HClaire MHeidi KLauren KRachel F
Aila CClaire PHeidi LLauren NRaegen S
Ainsley MClara KHelen WLauren MRasma R
Alabama SClara MHope ELauren RRaven R
Aleashea RClarice HHope ELauren SReagan W
Alexa NClaudia MHope BLauren KReagan A
Alexa HColleen MHumairaa ZLauren LReagan B
Alexandra SColleen FIliana HLea FReagan S
Alexandra HColleen KIona MLeah WReagan M
Alexandra MConstance LIsabel BLeah MRebecca M
Alexandra SCora KIsabella TLeah CRebecca B
Alexandra JCorinne NIsabella LLena TRebecca M
Alexandra RCorren WIsabella HLeslie NRebecca W
Alexandra KCourtney LIsabella SLiesl CRebecca R
Alexandra NCourtney WIsabella TLila WRebecca B
Alexandria WCourtney SIsabella GLilah SRebecca D
Alexandria GCrystal TIsabella RLiliana BRebecca M
Alexia KCydney YIsabella SLillian PReese P
Alexia TCynthia SIsabella BLillian SRegina C
Alexis DCyprus JIsabelle HLillian KRenee B
Alexis RDalylah RIsabelle SLily DRenee W
Alexis KDana MIsabelle WLily MRiley D
Alexis CDanica RIsabelle SLinda MRiley L
Alexis SDanielle SIsabelle WLindsay PRiley W
Alienor ADanielle MIsabelle GLindsay PRiya T
Alina RDaphnie SIsabelle CLindsey SRosella G
Allison SDarcy KIsha PLindsey KRoselynn B
Allison ADasha CIshita SLisa MRosemary Y
Allison MDayna RIvanis DLisa VRyanne F
Allison SDeon BJacqueline ALizabeth KSabrina A
Allison HDiana AJacqueline BLove WSachi W
Allison ODianna LJacqueline HLucia BSadie C
Ally MDianna MJacquelyn CLucia HSally V
Allysa Mae WDonae FJade CLucy VSamantha K
Alyse SDyuthi VJadyn SLyndsey NSamantha S
Alyssa OEden TJaedyn BMacEy HSamantha M
Alyssa RElaina TJaisyn DMackenzie SSamantha R
Alyssa SElaine SJamie MMacKenzie NSamantha S
Alyssa RElana BJanessa DMackenzie WSamantha P
Alyssa TEleanor SJaquelyn MMaddeline BSamantha H
Alyssa DElena MJasmine FMaddison FSamantha D
Amanda DElena TJasmine LMadeleine DSamantha H
Amanda BEleni PJasmine SMadeline MSanjana K
Amanda BEliana SJena ZMadeline PSara S
Amber RElisabeth BJeneva CMadeline PSara V
Ambria WElisabeth KJenna WMadeline MSara W
Amelia CElisabeth BJenna OMadeline JSarah R
Amelia GElise KJenna MMadelyn RSarah Z
Amelia LElitza GJennae LMadelyn RSarah H
Amritha JElizabeth FJennette FMadelyn SSarah R
Amy MElizabeth SJennifer WMadelynn BSarah B
Amy AElizabeth MJennifer AMadison SSarah G
Amyann EElizabeth SJennifer CMadison DSarah H
Ana CElizabeth KJennifer KMadison NSarah M
Andrea BElizabeth YJennifer HMadison WSarah L
Angel GElizabeth CJessica WMadison FSarah P
Angelina HElizabeth RJessica VMadison KSarah L
Angelina KElizabeth BJessica SMadison SSarah R
Angelina SElizabeth KJessica HMadison CSarah C
Ani HElizabeth DJessica OMadison BSarah M
Ania CElizabeth GJessica PMadison MSarah M
Aniston FElizabeth GJessica WMadison JSarah T
Anna PElizabeth WJessica MMadison CSarai C
Anna JElla KJettie CMaegan BSaranya P
Anna LElla WJillian NMakayla BSarina H
Anna MElla SJillian TMakayla LSasha R
Anna-Christina LElla HJordan KMakaylla TSavanna M
Annalise JElla JJordan BMakela HSavannah S
Annalyn CElle TJordan BMakenna SSavannah R
Annamaria PElle DJordan SMara SSavannah L
Annastasia WEllie LJordan LMara SSavannah H
Anne SEllora HJordan Anna MMarcella HSavhanna P
Anneke TEmelia DJosephine AMaren JScarlett H
Annemarie GEmerson DJoslin UMargaret HSelby C
Anniston MEmilie JJourney KMargaret BSerena A
Anya KEmily MJulia GMargaret HShaylyn P
Anya LEmily WJulia KMargaret SShian T
April BEmily SJulia SMargaret MShreeya P
Ari LEmily CJuliana HMargot NShriya M
Ari GEmily LJuliana CMaria GSiam S
Arianna MEmily SJuliana MMaria BSianna E
Ashley SEmily TJulianna LMaria DSienna H
Ashley TEmily CJulianne JMaria OSierra G
Ashley SEmily BJulie SMariam TSierra R
Ashley WEmily CJulie RMarie GSierra D
Ashley CEmily TJuliette CMarina MSierra M
Ashley SEmily SJustine CMartha FSkylar H
Ashlyn SEmily AKaekoa CMartha SSkyler S
Ashlyn CEmily MKaia MMary GSofia U
Ashlyn OEmily HKailey SMaura LSofia W
Ashlynn VEmily PKaitlin RMaura HSofia L
Ashtyn WEmily RKaitlin NMaya PSofia P
Aubree KEmily TKaitlin OMaya KSonia W
Audrey AEmily KKaitlyn WMazieAnne BSophia C
Audrey KEmma BKaitlyn HMckenna SSophia K
Aurelie GEmma PKaitlyn MMcKenna WSophia B
Aurora TEmma FKaitlyn RMcKenzie PSophia D
Autumn EEmma BKaitlyn CMegan HSophia T
Autumn SEmma TKaitlynn MMegan HSophie F
Ava VEmma HKaitlynn RMegan HSophie D
Ava CEmma LKara FMegan SSophie S
Ava PEmma DKara KMegan BStefanie I
Ava LEmma LKaren BMegan SStella P
Aven AEmma RKarla CMegan GStella L
Avery MEmma HKarolyn HMegan WStephanie M
Aydnn KEmma PKasandra WMegan FStephanie C
Ayisi NEmma CKate HMegan BStephanie C
Bailey REmma WKatelin HMegan GSummer L
Bailey PEmma RKatelyn RMegan RSusan S
Bailey VEmma OKatelyn MMegan SSuzanna S
Beatrix BEmma GKatelyn CMeghan DSydney A
Beatrix JEmma DKatelyn BMeghan SSydney I
Becka SEmmie VKatelyn CMelina RSydney W
Bella KErin OKatelyn GMelissa MSydney V
Betsy CErin ZKatherine MMellisa LSydney H
Breanna TErin EKatherine FMelody MSydney W
Brenna HErin DKatherine TMelody FSydnie P
Brevard EErin MKatherine AMia MTaleah B
Brianna HErin HKatherine SMichaela STara P
Brianna CErin WKatherine MMichelle BTara O
Brianna PErin HKatherine BMikayla DTara I
Bridget KErin CKatherine HMilena RTaryn L
Bridget LErynn LKatherine BMinavet GTasha B
Bridget BEssence VKatherine BMirabella CTayler T
Brooke TEstella PKatherine RMiracle DTaylor B
Bryanna HEva IKathleen SMiranda ZTaylor M
Bryanna MEvangelina WKathryn SMiriam WTegan B
Caitlyn TEve WKathryn PMirka LTeresa D
Caitlyn LEvelyn BKathryn EMolly JTeresa J
Caitlyn CEvelyn BKathryn SMolly MTertia H
Caleigh REvelyn BKathryn BMonica NTessa R
Callie MEvelyn LKathryn PMorgan LTianna K
Cambron WEvelyn MKathryn SMorgan NTiara T
Cameron CEvelyn HKathryn TMorgan LTiffany G
Camille JEver WKathryn BMorgan BTiffany S
Campbell TEvia RKatie HMorgan PTiffany H
Camryn HFaralyn SKatie CMorgan DTorrance J
Carey NFinley SKatie CMorgan HTrinity B
Caris DFiona QKatie OMorghyn FTrinity S
Carissa SFrances KKatja SMurielle MTymber M
Carissa CFrances HKatrinalou CMya PValerie J
Carley SGabriela RKatrine CMya JValerie d
Carly SGabriella MKavita TMytreyi SValia C
Carolina HGabriella KKaya HNadia ZVanessa C
Carolina FGabrielle RKayden SNancy GVanessa C
Caroline WGabrielle FKayla INaomi UVeronica R
Caroline VGabrielle TKaylee KNatalia LVictoria C
Caroline SGabrielle SKaylee KNatalie BVictoria B
Caroline VGeorgia DKaylee CNatalie YVictoria S
Caroline RGeorgianna MKeira BNicole KVictoria A
Caroline RGloria IKeira LNina BVictoria D
Caroline BGrace NKellianna MNissa BVictoria R
Carolyn MGrace MKelly MNoelle MVictoria S
Carolyn SGrace WKelsey PNoelle DVirginia H
Carrie BGrace OKendall JNoor HVirginia C
Casey DGrace OKendall SNora DVirginia M
Casey SGrace BKendalyn BNoreen RVirginia S
Cassandra PGrace HKiana NOlivia MYasmin F
Cassandra CGrace GKiersten LOlivia EYsa D
Cassidy FGrace WKiersten WOlivia PZayna R
Cassidy CGrace FKikuyo SOlivia SZephia-Emma B
Caterina SGretchen SKristen BOlivia CZoe W
Catharine CGwendolyn GKristen DOlivia PZoe R
Catherine WHailey AKristina FOlivia FZoe M
Catherine AHaleigh CKristina WOlivia TZoe R
Catherine HHaleigh CKristina KOlivia G
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