Check Wood Sculpture by Curtis Ingvoldstad — See him work live at Winter Camporee

Curtis Ingvoldstad is an artist with a chainsaw. He has a BA in Studio Arts from the University of MN. He picked up the chainsaw 13 years ago after many years of oil painting and hand carving. He’s a natural talent for sculpting and a rich ancestry of woodworking.

Watch just a short clip of what you’ll get to see if you attend Winter Camporee!

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Chris has competed with the best of the best internationally and gained great respect for his realism, attention to detail and a very complex painting style. He likes to travel with his to Japan’s biggest competition in the small mountain town of Toei.  Aside from carving he likes to go camping, hiking and fishing with his wife and three-year-old son.

Watch more of Chris’s work!



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