Annual Registration for the 2021-2022 Scouting year is open July 1st!

Scouts and Scouters – it’s time to start thinking about your annual registration! Beginning last year, Northern Star Scouting’s registration “year” was moved to match the School year – September – August. Along with this move, the process for registration was moved to an online system where families register directly with the council.

Beginning July 1st, the registration system opens for the 2021-2022 Scouting year. This allows prospective Scouts to sign-up right away, and for our existing Scouts to get registration done before the school year starts.

Key Items to know about Registration Fees

  • Annual program registration fee for youth is $180
    • The $180 fee can be paid over 2 payments.
    • Financial assistance is available.
  •  The annual registration fee for adults is $42
  •  Scout Life magazine is $12
  • For every youth fee of $180 that is paid in full by October 31st, the unit receives $20



Common FAQs (for more FAQs, please review Northern Star Scouting’s Annual Program Registration/Renewal Page)

Q: What is the yearly program registration/renewal amount?

A: The amount for the 2021-2022 Scouting year will be $180 per youth. The registration amount for new youth will be pro-rated based on when they join throughout the Scouting year. The amount for adults will be $45 for the Scouting year. The registration amount for new adults will be pro-rated based on when they join throughout the Scouting year. The registration/renewal system will be opened on July 1, 2021 for the 2021-2022 Scouting year.

Q: Why did the program registration/renewal amount increase in 2020?

A: Northern Star Scouting wants to ensure that Scouting is sustainable now and into the future for local scouts. Scholarships are available for families in need. Our goal is to hold these amounts stable through the program year ending in 2023 and shield families from the national registration fee increases that are already planned for each of the next few years.

Q: What does the program registration/renewal fee pay for?

A: The program registration fee supports keeping the Scouting program strong for local youth and adults. Included in the fee is $20 to be transferred to the unit account for each youth who is paid in full  by October 31, National BSA registration fees, and insurance coverage. The net revenues from the new program fee will be equal to the historic levels of funding that came from Family Friends of Scouting contributions.

Q: Do all youth members pay the same fee?

A: Yes. All youth members – Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing – will have the same fee. New youth joining during the program year will pay a pro-rated fee based on when they join.

Q: Who can register and pay online?

A: Everyone! All youth and all adults, new and returning, can register or renew their registration online.

Q: New adult leaders can pay and register online?

A: Absolutely! This is a value-added benefit of the current process that we are now able to offer.

Q: Can a family register multiple family members at one time?

A: Yes, all family members can pay online with the same registration as long as they are in the same unit. If family members are registered in different units, such as a Pack and a Troop, they will need to register with each of their units separately; this can all be done online.

Q: Is there a pro-rated fee for individuals that register during the Scouting year?

A: Yes. All new youth and adults who join during the Scouting year will pay a pro-rated registration fee.

Q: Can Scout Life be paid for online?

A: Yes, when completing the participant information, you will be asked if you would like Scout Life. Scout Life has always been available to members and will continue to be available as an option.

Q: Can I choose to donate additional funds to support a Scout in need?

A: Yes. When completing the participant information, there is a question at the end of the registration process with an opportunity to give additional dollars for a Scout in need. Any amount can be given, and this donation is tax deductible.

Q: Do all fees need to be paid at once?

A: No, there is an option to register and pay in installments. You can pay half when completing the registration and pay the second half a month later, and your unit account will still be credited with $20, as long as you are paid in full by October 31.

Q: What if I can’t pay all of my yearly program registration/renewal fee?

A: Financial assistance is available at the individual level for those families in need. When completing the participant information there is a question that you can answer if needed, to request a scholarship.

Q: As a Committee Chair/Cubmaster/ Scoutmaster/ Crew Advisor of a unit, how will I know which families have completed their yearly program registration/renewal?

A: Every Friday you will receive a report that tells you who has completed the registration process. This report will include a list of returning adults and youth as well as new adults and youth who are joining your unit.

Q: Can unit leaders go into the site for a individual NEW youth or adult to complete the registration and make a payment?

A: No. Registrations for new youth and adults are at the family level and only they can access their registration. Units have the option to pay for current youth and adults when making their unit renewal payment.

Q: If a youth is planning to cross over from a Pack to a Troop, which unit do they register with in the fall?

A: They should register with the unit they are currently participating in, the Pack. They will create a transfer registration to move to the Troop when they cross over.

Q: Do youth or leaders transferring from one unit to another need to go online and complete the program registration process?

A: Yes. To move from one unit to another, you should register as a New Youth/Adult Transfer with the unit you are moving to.

Q: If a youth or adult is planning to switch units for the upcoming program year, which unit do they register with in the fall?

A: When moving from one unit to another, the transfer will take effect immediately after being approved by the unit. All transfers are processed either before or after unit renewal. If you are moving into a new unit prior to making your 2021-2022 payment, you will pay in the new unit (once you have moved you will be considered a Current Youth/Adult in that unit). If you are moving after you have made your 2021-2022 payment, we will move the existing payment to your new unit.

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