2021 Spring Popcorn Sale – March 26 – April 30 (online can star selling now)

Northern Star Scouting and Trail’s End are partnering to offer a NEW Spring Popcorn sale to units and Scouts.

  • Units can do any combination of Online Direct, Take Order and Show and Deliver sales types—whatever works best for the unit.
  • All Scouts can earn Amazon Gift card prizes for their sales. Plus some bonus prizes too!
  • Units that sign up and do take order and/or show and deliver sales will receive FREE neck gaiters (while supplies last)
  • NEW THIS SPRING—if your unit does not want to do an organized popcorn sale or does not have a popcorn chair, but a Scout(s) is interested, we have ways to allow the Scout(s) to sell popcorn to raise funds for their Scouting adventure, with minimal unit involvement–and still abiding by unit policies your unit may have regarding fundraising.

Types of Spring Sales

Take Order: Sell to customers using the Take Order form. Order only what you need, pick up once, and distribute.
Show and Sell Check out: Need popcorn on hand for a neighborhood blitz, storefront or door to door? Show and Sell is right for your unit! Increase sales by having product on hand.
Online Sales: Start selling now!

Benefits for units

  • No risk of excess inventory
  • No handling product
  • No cash collection
  • No extra work

Benefits for Scouts

  • Average online sale $73 vs. $22 face-to-face
  • Sales count toward Scout Rewards AND Council Prizes
  • Access to special Trail’s End online promotions and rewards.

Spring Sale Facts

  • 35% Commission on all sales
  • FREE Neck Gaiters for Units that sign up for Take order or Show and Deliver order style sales (while supplies last)
  • EVERY Scout can earn Amazon gift cards with their sales
  • EVERY Scout can earn BONUS Prize

For more information and to sign up your unit or your Scout visit:  and the Spring Sale FAQ: 

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