2018 Submit Your Unit’s Family FOS Dates


Unit Committee Chairman, Unit Friends of Scouting Chairman, or Unit FOS Contact:

December 15th is the deadline to have your Family Friends of Scouting dates submitted for the 2018-2019 campaign.  Each unit must have two dates (one primary and one follow-up) submitted prior to the 15th in order to be considered for incentives.  It is important that we have these dates recorded, so that we can best support your campaign over the coming months.

We are also collecting information on unit coordinators and we encourage each unit to have one representative signed-up to receive communications and resources during the campaign.

Your presentation must be submitted to the district by December 15th.

Fast Submission Form

Thank you for your efforts to support Scouting in Northern Star Council.

Sally Jensen
Family Friends of Scouting Chairman
[email protected]

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