12/18/20 COVID-19 Updated Guidance

Earlier this week the State of Minnesota announced changes to the current restrictions placed on gatherings and activities. We have looked at all of the changes, including that families may socialize with other households with limitations, and youth sports can start practicing in the new year. As a result, starting January 4, 2021, as long as they follow the guidelines outlined in the Unit Restart Guide, units can resume gathering in person for meetings and activities.

Units who are uncomfortable meeting in person, or unable to meet the guidelines are still encouraged to meet virtually.

Base Camp will reopen for group program reservations starting January 4, and Northern Star’s Winter Camp Programs will open on January 15th. You can find out more information about our winter camp programs that follow COVID safety guidelines on the camping website.

Find the Latest COVID-19 Guidance on Northern Star Scouting’s Website
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