Tracking Your Webelos Transition – Using the simple Webelos Transition Roster

Congratulations on your 5th grade Webelos transitioning to Boy Scouts.

It is easy to move your Scouts from a Cub Scout Pack to a Boy Scout Troop. Units need to complete and submit a Webelos Transition Roster for their unit. This moves the Scout’s registration from the pack’s roster to a receiving troop’s roster without having to fill out the traditional membership application or pay a fee.  The transition process also helps the district to track the status of your scout.

The Webelos Transition Roster requires the parent’s signature AND the signature from the accepting troop leader.  It is suggested that the transition roster be available at your Arrow of Light and/or Crossover Ceremony.

There are three ways to get this form.

  1. The Webelos Transition Rosters were mailed out to Pack Committee Chairmen earlier this month and includes detailed information for each 5th Grade Webelos registered with their pack.
  2. A copy of the Webelos Transition Roster will be available at the March LMD Roundtable.
  3. Download the NEW fillable PDF, Webelos Transition Roster.  This is great for packs that have scouts transitioning to multiple troops.

Webelos Transition Roster

If a 5th Grade Webelos is unsure about wanting to transition into a troop, remind him and his parents that they are Boy Scouts of American (BSA) members through the end of the current charter year, ending December 31.  They have time to try Boy Scouts this year, over the summer and into the fall, without paying any additional BSA annual membership dues.  Troop dues and activity fees are unit specific of course.

By moving your Webelos off your pack roster and onto the troop roster, the communications process will more easily follow the scout.  Troops will be able to communicate with the new scout and this family.

Remember that when your Webelos move into a troop, they become Boy Scouts and advance at their own pace.  They can be as active as they want to be. Many Boy Scouts are also very involved in school sports!

If your Webelos are still looking for a troop in their area, they can contact me, use our Unit Map, or use Adventure Is Calling.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.

Mellissa Stanfa-Brew
Webelos Transition Chair

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