School Visits – Preparation for Fall Recruitment – Each Pack Has a Role – May 31, 2019 Deadline!

Fall Recruitment is fast approaching, and we want to get a head start so we can have a record-setting recruitment season. One of the important preparation steps is our School Visits, ideally with the principal. These visits are particularly important because, as we know, school access is an increasing challenge.

Each Pack Has a Role. We would like each pack to designate one of their registered adults to stop by the school(s) that the pack serves to have a brief conversation with the principal (or the most senior administrative assistant) to secure the following information:

  • Date of the school Open House.
  • Reminder of September 19 School Night for Scouting event (Will they accept paper flyers about joining scouting? (Either for broad distribution to each class or a few for in the office).
  • If they don’t accept flyers, do they use PeachJar?
  • Can you place a few yard signs in front of the school for School Night?

Don’t forget to represent Scouting to the school and to remind them of the September 19th School Night for Scouting event. (I will be making the reservation with the school district.)

We would like to complete these School Visits by the end of May. To make the reporting process easier for you, please go to this link and complete the Google Form that you will find there:

Thank you so much for your help in this very important project!

Jim Bollback
Program Relations Executive
direct: 763-231-7223 | cell: 910-603-0040

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