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Registration is Open

Older Scout and Merit Badge Program sign up is now open on the Summer Camp Management System (SCMS).

Summer Camp Management System (SCMS)

Older Scout Registration Timeline

We are currently in the request phase. All requests for older Scout programs (not merit badges) submitted by noon on April 14th will be sorted by age and rank giving the oldest Scouts first placement. If any Scouts is not placed into a program an email will be sent to the camp coordinator to gather a 2nd or 3rd choice of program. Any requests submitted after April 14th at noon will be placed on a first come first served basis filling in any spots remaining from age and rank sort.

Please submit your program requests for older Scouts by April 14th at noon for best consideration.

Older Scout Availability

The older Scout program availability chart is updated every week on Friday’s by 5pm. The first update will be made on April 14th.

Older Scout Program Availability Chart

Merit Badges: No more limited space

Merit badges class sizes are no longer limited. Instead Scouts must have completed a certain level grade to participate in the merit badge. See the resources page on the Tomahawk website for merit badge schedules and merit badge grade requirements. Please make merit badge selections by June 1st.

Resources Page

ATV One Day (Friday)

ATV One Day (Friday) requests aren’t made in SCMS as it is only a one day program. Link to sign up link below. The sign-up time frame for ATV Friday ride is the same as the other older Scout programs.

ATV One Day (Friday) Request

Apostle Island Sign Up

Apostle Islands Sea Kayaking sign-up is through the Northwoods High Adventure program. We work with other camps to offer this program so it doesn’t live in the same area as the Tomahawk only older Scout programs. Payment for the program is made through the Northwoods High Adventure site. Please include Scouts in this program on your roster and food count sheet, but do not submit a deposit or additional payment for them outside of the Northwoods High Adventure site.

Northwoods High Adventure

Tomahawk Scout Reservation

Post expires on Tuesday May 30th, 2017

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