Pinewood Derby Fest 2019 – Ridgedale Center – An Absolute Success!

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the Pinewood Derby Fest happened throughout Ridgedale Center, which included not only the District Pinewood Derby Finals for Lake Minnetonka and Mustang Districts, but it also included actives and crafts, displays, and giveaways. The Pinewood Derby Fest was one of the district’s Join Scouting Events! The archery booths, climbing wall, music DJ’s, photo opportunities, and craft tables pulled in hundreds of families from the western metropolitan area. A record number of Scouts, including racers from other districts and the general public were able to show off their cars and compete for the various awards.

Additional information, including photos, comments from our participants, and race statistics will be posted to the district website in a few days.

Thanks go out to the over 50 volunteers from Lake Minnetonka and Mustang Districts, and Northern Star Council, who made this day a success for the families who attended this event.

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