Join the 2018 Philmont Contingent – Jun 26 – Jul 10, 2018

An Experience for Life

Have you always wanted to go to Philmont Scout Ranch? Read on for Logan’s experience at Philmont in 2017 and you’ll be rushing to sign up!

“My name is Logan Alger, and I was the Crew Leader for Crew 702-P-08 [for the Northern Star Contingent, 2016]. Our crew consisted of a group of 12 individuals, divided among four different Troops: four youth, myself, and my dad from Troop 9268, two boys and their dads from Wisconsin, a solo youth from St. Michael, MN, and a Northern Star Council representative. Needless to say, our crew’s diversity didn’t slow us down. Our crew would go on to trek 86 rugged miles over eleven days and be the first of the day to summit the 12441-foot Baldy Mountain. We would sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” rambunctiously as we hiked down the trail and often enjoy ourselves while playing cards after the long day of hiking.”

This isn’t to say the trek was not challenging either. The day before summiting Baldy, I did have a stressful day trying to maintain crew unity. After one particularly long day of hiking, I had to resolve a conflict between the adults in my crew. However, learning how to deal with these difficult circumstances at Philmont taught me to deal with the adversity and persevere.

Despite our crew diversity and challenges along the way, the Philmont experience forged ties of brotherhood that continue to prosper. I and the other youth still remain connected via social media and intend to have a crew reunion this spring. So while Philmont was an extraordinary adventure, it also created a crew for future adventures to come.”

What is a council contingent?

A contingent is a large group made up of youth and adults from multiple troops and crews throughout the council. A contingent also prepares for the extensive trip together and travels as a group to New Mexico! Units that don’t have enough interest to form their own crew or did not get space in the Philmont lottery will often take advantage of a council contingent.

When is the 2018 Contingent?

Our 2018 contingent will be at Philmont from June 26 – July 10 (including travel). The cost is estimated to be about $1700 per person and will include Philmont fees, travel, food, possible field trips and a contingent shirt.

How do I get more information?

If you’re interested in joining the 2018 contingent please contact one of our staff members listed below to be added.

Our council has 120 youth and adult spots available in the 2018 contingent to Philmont Scout Ranch! Will you be in one of them?

Can I just go on the 2017 Contingent instead?

There are a few remaining spots in the 2017 if you are still interested. However, full payment would be due at time of reservation and additional training would be required.

Travis Sutten
Director of Camping and Properties

Post expires on Sunday June 10th, 2018

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