Important Information for Unit Commissioners


Dear Commissioners,


  1. JTE Guideposts 4 and 5 should be completed by October 31, 2018. Please contact all of your units to see if they qualify for these guideposts and log the results into the JTE Guidepost Reporting System at . Results should be entered no later than within a few days of 10/31.

If the Committee Chair can confirm that the JTE requirements are completed regardless of what the training reports say, then we trust them as completed. The YPT must be complete. The Hazardous Weather I will offer an exception this year, because it was short notice compared to 10/31, but it must be done soon. If an ASM is new within the last few months, we can give them a break on everything except YPT.

Working on rectifying the training reports is not a requirement for 10/31. It can be completed later so units should not spend too much time on it now. Just get a verbal verification of the required courses.

  1. By now all recharter packets should be in the hands of all units. If you still have a unit packet please get it to the unit ASAP so that they can start the recharter process.
  1. Commissioners should be encouraging their units to ensure all unit registered adults have completed Youth Protection Training. Any adult taking YPT after 10/1 will be required to submit a new adult application, signed disclosure form, and a YPT completed training certificate in order to be included for recharter registration.
  1. ALL Commissioners are needed to attend the November 1st Roundtable to receive and check recharter packets from their units. The packets must be defect and error free in order to submit them to Council. Any packet with an error will be returned to the unit for correction. The absolute deadline is 11/30 for JTE Platinum and Gold levels and 12/15 for Silver and Bronze levels.
  1. The next Commissioners meeting will be on Thursday, November 1, 2018 at the Minnetonka Community Center at 6 PM.
  1. Please plan on attending the College of Commissioner Service on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at St. Paul College. There are plenty of classes with a ton of information we can all use. More information on CCS2018 can be found at

The District with the most Commissioners present will win an award.

Thank you.

Allan Arntson
District Commissioner

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