Guidepost 1 – Review and Reflect – Due Apr 30, 2019

Dear Unit Leaders and Unit Commissioners,

We are now at that time of year where Unit Leaders and their Unit Commissioners work together to complete the 2019 JTE Guidepost 1, Review and Reflect, which is to be completed by April 30, 2019.

Unit Commissioners will be contacting each unit to set up a date and time to meet and reflect upon the successes and challenges of the past program year and look to the next program year for ways to continue a great program and ways to improve the program where needed.

Recruitment and retention is a key aspect of program planning for this next year and should be a part of your discussions.

If any Unit Leader does not hear from their Unit Commissioner or does not know who their Unit Commissioner is, they should contact me.

Journey 2.0

Nick Fasching
District Commissioner

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