Family Friends of Scouting (FFOS) – Three (3) weeks left to meet GOAL!

First off, let me thank you for a great start to the FFOS campaign in your unit! I’ve seen several great FFOS campaign kick-offs over the last weeks and I know that everyone is focused on meeting their goals and quickly completing their campaigns.

With just three (3) weeks left in the FFOS campaign, make sure you’re doing everything possible to meet your goal.

  • Turn in your pledge form packet Several units have not yet turned in their pledge form packet. We’d rather have you turn in what you have now to make sure your thermometer is up-to-date, rather than wait for all forms to come in. Your unit can submit multiple forms at any time – if you need someone to pick them up, please let Nicole DeYoung, our Community Relations Executive, or me know and we’ll help pick them up.
  • Have you conducted the follow-up discussions? We ask that the unit FFOS Chair follow-up with everyone not making a gift on the presentation date. The ideal time for this is within two weeks of the presentation. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to reach out to those have not turned in their pledge forms, either in-person or through a follow-up letter, and ask them to bring it with to the next unit or parents meeting.
  • Ensuring that Matching Gifts Forms are turned in. Matching gifts, where an employer will match either money donated or hours volunteered, are a great way to build a successful campaign. Many companies offer this to their employees. You can search for companies with matching gift programs at . Once you’ve identified if a match is available, you will need to ensure that the matching gift paperwork is turned in before the May 15th deadline for unit recognition.

Please continue to ask your families to turn in their FFOS form, whether they give a donation or not. By continuing to reach out the families in your unit, you will make the progress towards your unit FFOS goal.

Check Your Unit % to Goal Status

Thanks for your continued support of Scouting!

Sally Jensen
Family Friends of Scouting Chairman





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