Cub Scout Fall Recruitment

“Some days it feels like I have run out of the energy needed to keep things going virtually!” Perhaps you share this sentiment expressed by one of our pack leaders. It has been a challenging season. You deserve a huge “Thank You!” for all your efforts to hold things together.

As we approach the traditional Fall Recruitment Season we will be facing some additional challenges with the absence of most community events, the likely reality that we will not be able to be “in” the schools for the usual Open Houses in August, and even the September 24 School Night for Scouting event “in” school is not likely to happen. As the time approaches, we will be working with the schools to request permission to hold SNFS in the parking lot.

Here are some ideas and resources to help you have a remarkable recruiting class this fall – in spite of the obstacles.

1.)  Be sure to mark your calendar for one of the Curb Side Kickoff events scheduled in August. You will receive your recruitment materials (yard signs, posters, water bottles, t-shirts, Day Camp vouchers, bookmarks, etc.), popcorn information, annual membership registration/renewal information, and the new Council Calendar & Resource Guide. The locations most likely to serve you best are:

August 6 at Base Camp – 7:00 – 8:30 pm

August 11 at Peace Presbyterian Church (St. Louis Park) – 7:00 – 8:30 pm

August 13 – This is a District M Only opportunity at American Legion Post 580 in Chanhassen – 6:00 to 7:30 pm

2.)  If you need additional recruitment materials or need them prior to one of these distribution dates, go to the Recruitment Materials Request Form. Please let our District Executive, Jim Bollback, know when you place an order and he will deliver the items to your home.

3.) A new 35-second Join Cubs Video has been produced by our Council. This can be put on your unit Facebook page or on other community social media.

4.)  The BSA will be providing Facebook Geofencing capabilities for our units this fall. If you have a specific event that you want to promote, please send the name of the event, your unit number, and the date, time, and location of the event to our District Executive. You need to allow about 3 weeks lead time so the message can run for ten days prior to the event.

5.) Plan ahead! Some of your normal meeting spaces may not be available for use this fall. Begin now to check with your location host andto think about alternate locations.


Jim Bollback

District M Executive

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