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20 facts about Venturing for the program’s 20th birthday

Today, Venturers everywhere have the green light to party. That’s because today is the Venturing program’s 20th birthday! The BSA’s executive board created the older-youth program on Feb. 9, 1998. In the 20 years since, Venturing has enabled more than 1 million young men and young women to choose their own adrenaline-packed adventures. Let’s begin the…

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8 great scholarships for Eagle Scouts

These days, higher education comes with a higher price tag. These scholarships for Eagle Scouts, sorted chronologically by deadline, will help take out some of the sting. If you know of a scholarship not listed here, please share the name and link in the comments. National Jewish Committee on Scouting scholarships How much: Ranging from $500…

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Top 5 merit badges to make your Groundhog Day more ful-Phil-ling

It’s Groundhog Day, and there’s just one question on everyone’s mind: Will Scouting magazine release a list of the top five merit badges to celebrate this essential holiday? The answer: Yes. Mammal Study Ah, the groundhog. Marmota monax. America’s cuddliest rodent. Scouts who really want to burrow in and study the groundhog should earn the…

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