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The BSA wants to know: How do you define ‘adventure’?

Ask 12 people this question, and you’ll get a dozen different answers: What does “adventure” mean to you? To find out, the BSA isn’t consulting a dictionary. And it’s not asking a mere 12 people. It wants to hear from as many Scouts, Scouters and prospective Scouting families as possible. Why the need to define “adventure”? After…

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Federal grant means Scouts can continue riding Amtrak to Philmont

It’s one of the most relaxing, affordable and memorable ways to get to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. And thanks to a new federal grant, the Amtrak Southwest Chief will continue transporting Scouts to Philmont for the foreseeable future. On Wednesday, the Department of Transportation announced a $16 million grant to replace segments of…

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SAIL THE HIGH SEAS WITH SHIP 248 Experience first-hand what has captured the hearts and minds of youth for centuries! Do you dream of sailing Superior? Exploring the Apostle Islands? Trying out all kinds of watercraft? Racing in a Regatta? Exploring waters on a long cruise far from home? Do you imagine being anchored offshore…

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