2017 JTE Results and Recharter Due Date

November 12, 2017 Unit Leaders, Committee Chairs, and Unit Commissioners: Congratulations to all units on a successful completion of the 2017 Journey to Excellence 2.0 program! Of all our units, 97% have qualified for JTE level bronze or better. That is quite and accomplishment! But the work is not done. In order to keep the…

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Upcoming Chapter Meeting – Nov 2, 2017 7:00PM

Hello fellow OA members, Congrats for those of you who have just joined the ranks of the Lake Minnetonka Order of the Arrow Chapter and for those who have achieved the rank of Brotherhood. We are having our first post-conclave chapter meeting this Thursday, November 2nd. This is where the youth leaders will transition in and…

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Annual Recharter Process

Key Unit Leaders and Unit Commissioners: Annual recharter packets have been distributed to all units. The online recharter process opened on October 2, 2017.  Completed recharter packets should be turned in at the November 2 Roundtable, if possible, but no later than November 15, 2017 to the Council office, defect free. Units MUST meet the…

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Thoughts on Girls in Scouting from a Mom Who is a Cub Scout Leader

Since last week’s announcement that the BSA will invite girls and young women to all Scouting programs, parents, Scouts, and Scouters alike have been weighing in on the news, and we’ve heard some incredible perspectives on what this means for the Scouting community and beyond. One particularly insightful perspective comes from mom blogger Kate Etue…

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Trading in a coffee-stained uniform for an OA Vigil Honor sash

During the Great Depression, Laurence Seeger’s family couldn’t afford to buy an official Boy Scout uniform. As a substitute, Seeger’s mother doused his father’s old white dress shirts in coffee grounds, staining them khaki. The Chicago native, who celebrated his 96th birthday last week, owns an official uniform today, which he adorns with an Order of…

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