For years, School Night for Scouting has been a large component of Northern Star’s recruitment strategy.  Pack and District volunteers covered every elementary school in the council on a single night, and our marketing encouraged families to “go to your local elementary school” to meet unit leaders and sign up.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic challenges our ability to use that strategy.  Many (if not all) Schools will be restricting access to outside groups like Scouting.  We can’t expect every school to be available, and that changes our messaging significantly.  In response, we’re adapting our message and our methods.

  • Flyers and advertisements will not mention September 24th  or local schools by default, they will say “sign up online today” and direct families to
  • Every Pack is encouraged to host a recruitment event at the location (physical or digital) and time that works for them.  Given enough notice we can customize flyers with that info.
  • As schools are putting together drive-through open houses, device pickups and the like, Packs are connecting with schools to be present, visible and helpful.
  • We’re increasing our investment in digital advertising including social media, search engine, targeted email, audio streaming and follow-me banner ads
  • Additional resources for Packs to promote in their local communities (bookmarks, posters, yard signs etc) are being distributed.
  • Enhanced incentives for new scouts – glow-in-the-dark t-shirt, adventure water bottle and fall day camp voucher.
  • Digital den meeting options for packs that can’t gather are being developed for September at the local and national level.

This is a big change, but it comes at a time when families are hungry for opportunities for their kids to socialize.  Scouting has a lot to offer families right now and we commit to inviting every available family to join Scouting.   If  you have questions, please contact your District Executive or District Membership Chair.


Promo Theme: Charter Organizations and places of worship


Is your Pack sponsored by a church?  Have you asked them about putting up yard-signs and posters?  Would they include a bookmark in the Sunday school bulletin?  You can approach any local place of worship about promoting cub scouts!


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