2017 August Roundtable Meeting – Ice Cream Social – Membership Kick-off – JTE 2.0 Update – Aug 3, 2017 – EACH UNIT SHOULD SEND AT LEAST ONE ADULT TO THIS EVENT – Bring Your Family and Friends – Playground at Meeting Location! 🗓 🗺

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Parkers Lake Picnic Shelter (top of hill) - 15205 County Road 6, Plymouth, Minnesota Map


Bring Your Family and Friends – Playground at Meeting Location! 

Hello Scouters!

I’m back!  For those of you who do not remember me, my name is Troy Ebensteiner. I was the district’s membership chairman for four years before stepping away in 2011. The district Key 5 recently asked me to manage our membership program for the upcoming 2017-2018 season.

I am excited about our upcoming fall membership program. I will personally pay for all the ice cream you can eat to get you to our August 3th Roundtable – Membership Kick off – and Ice Cream Social at Parker’s Lake Picnic Shelter, located on the TOP OF THE HILL.  I have a lot to tell you!

The council has directed me to help the unit leaders in our district recruit 682 new youth! To get to that goal we will be leveraging the council’s School Night for Scouting program with (1) your Unit

Recruitment Night and (2) your Back-To-School Night.  For additional information please hover over the Membership tab and click Recruitment Guide on our district website.  We will have recruitment supplies available for you to hand out to new recruits, T-shirts and glow-in- the-dark Frisbees!

I will be making phone calls to each of you to make sure you are aware of our recruitment program for this year and to answer any questions that you may have.

Troy Ebensteiner


August Roundtable Meeting

  • Membership Kick-off
  • Pick Up Your School Night for Scouting Supplies
  • JTE 2.0 Update
  • Ice Cream Social!

StayInformedDoubleLGAugust 3, 2017 7:00PM – Parkers Lake Picnic Shelter – LOCATED AT TOP OF HILL – Ice Cream Starts at 6:30PM!

The August Roundtable is the Membership kick-off for the 2017-2018 program year and it’s just around the corner!  That also means buckets and buckets of delicious ice cream and boatloads of toppings. Can one ever have enough chocolate sauce and sprinkles?

This is an “ALL YOU CAN EAT” event. So while you are filling your brain with some very important updates, you can fill your tummy with treats!

This is your chance to get the latest updates on SCHOOL NIGHT FOR SCOUTING. Pack leaders  pick up your School Night for Scouting Supplies, verify your unit’s open house information, and confirm the school(s) you will be covering. There will also be a question and  answers session.

A JTE 2.0 key date is August 31. Find out what you need to do to submit  you program, budget, and communications plan on time!

The commissioners will meet at 6:00PM. and we will start serving ice cream at 6:30PM.  Roundtable begins at 7:00PM.

Be sure to bring your appetite, your enthusiasm, AND your families!


Please take the time to RSVP for this event if you plan to eat ice cream using the link provided below. It will make our job of administering this event much easier.

The Ice Cream is Free of Charge!

Thank you for making Lake Minnetonka District a success!

Parker’s Lake Picnic Shelter
15205 County Road 6
Plymouth MN 55447

Event Flyer Registration – RSVP Map (shelter at top of hill)

Membership Resources

Thank you.

Troy Ebensteiner
Membership Chair

Allan Arntson
District Commissioner


Post expires on Saturday August 4th, 2018


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