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This page is in the process of being updated for the 2018-2019 season.

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It’s Time to Plan for Unit Recruitment
It's that time of year for packs, troops, crews, and teams to plan for unit recruitment. Each unit needs to reach out into the community and invite new youth members and adult leaders to join their respective units, in addition to using the council's School Night for Scouting program.

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Peer-to-Peer Recruiting

One of the best ways to recruit new Cub Scouts is ‘peer-to-peer’. When a Scout brings a friend to a scouting event (e.g., pack or den meeting, pinewood derby, field trip, etc), they both have fun! It’s a fantastic introduction to Cub Scouts for the boys and their parents.

When a Scout brings a non-Scout friend to a scouting event and he joins scouting, both the scout and the friend receives a FREE Recruited-Recruiter patch.

School Night for Scouting 2017

Turn-in Center for the Evening - Sept 19, 2017
Minnetonka Community Center (Minnetonka Mills Room 6-10PM)
14600 Minnetonka Blvd
Minnetonka, MN 55345

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Make Your Youth Recruitment a Success!

A successful fall recruitment program for any unit consists of three critical and separate campaigns. Each campaign targets a specific market in your community and when combined, it becomes a recipe for adding new families to your pack.

  1. Back-To-School Night 
    Promote your unit to incoming families during your school's back-to-school night. It's a high-traffic and captive audience!
  2. Unit Recruitment Night 
    Promote your unit at your own open house. Show off your program in-action!
  3. School Night for Scouting
    This is the council's state-wide, join-scouting campaign. Families are encouraged to register for scouting on September 19th from 6-7PM at their local schools. It is vital your unit attends this event at your local school.

What steps do you need to take?

    1. Back-to-School Night

  • Most schools host an open house or back-to-school night in late August or early September.  These are great events to recruit new Scouts!  Parent teacher organizations and parent teacher associations can be great resources on securing tables and a place on the evening’s agenda at your local school.
  • Youth recruiting materials can be ordered through the district website. Ensure you have fliers, wristbands, and other promotional items on-hand. Youth recruiting materials will also be available at the district roundtable on August 3rd.
  • Close the sale!  No need to wait until School Night for Scouting on September 19th or your unit's recruitment night to start building your new dens.

     2. Unit Recruitment Night

  • Choose a date and secure your youth recruiting materials through the district website.
  • Distribute invites at local churches, through your chartered organization, at schools, and challenge youth in your unit to bring a friend.
  • Demonstrate and display your program at its best and actively involve visiting families.
  • Close the sale!

     3. School Night for Scouting - Sept 19th from 6-7PM

  • On September 19th ensure you have two unit leaders at your local school from 6-7PM.
  • Youth recruitment materials, including traditional paper applications, will be distributed at the August 3rd roundtable for use at each school.
  • Fliers, e-fliers, and other promotional materials will be provided to all schools in our area by the council to promote School Night for Scouting prior to September 19th.
  • Actively engage families, but remember, the emphasis is on a sign-and-go opportunity.
  • Close the sale! 

You have the Scouts - so what do you do with the parents?

The parent orientation is a vital step in the recruiting process and should take place after your back-to-school night, your unit's recruitment event, and School Night for Scouting.  Parent orientations serve as the opportunity to provide an introduction into Scouting and your unit’s program to new families.  Critically, this is your chance to recruit your pack’s future leaders - invest in the opportunity!

  • Provide a background to Scouting, including the aims and methods, pack meetings vs. den meetings, and the structure of a Cub Scout Pack.
  • Create position descriptions and distribute copies to new families. Some unit leaders build 'new parent packets' that also include event fliers and the unit’s annual calendar.
  • Try to register at least one adult in every family as a member of your unit committee, or as a unit volunteer. This will encourage parents to become involved in your pack - you can never have too much help! Remember, not all parents will be Cubmasters, Committee Chairs or Den leaders  .  .   .  despite this, these parents can significantly impact your unit by helping to coordinate events, by serving as a resource to the unit committee, and by helping to chaperon den and pack events.

      What else do I need to know?

  • Online youth applications are available via computer, tablet, or cell .
  • Paper youth applications are available for download  traditional paper application .
  • No families will be turned away based on need - the council is able to assist.  Always secure an application.
  • We’re here to help - if you need assistance with your  back-to-school night campaign,  your unit's recruitment night, or if you are unable to be at your local school for School Night for Scouting - let us know!
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