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Here you will find the tools for unit leaders and presenters to complete and manage your Unit's FOS Campaign

Unit Incentives:
When units reach their goal by May 15, 2018, Packs and Wards will receive FREE Pinewood Derby cars. Troops, Crews, and Wards will receive FREE cloth rank advancements and merit badges for a year. Wards must choose whether they receive the Pinewood Derby cars or the cloth rank advancements AND merit badges for a year, NOT both.  In addition, any unit who makes GROWTH GOAL will receive a free commemorative 2018 flag pole medallion. Scouting recognition items can be picked up at local Scout shops. For further details and to see each incentive, please click the "Unit Guide" posted below.

FFOS Goal Status 2017-2018

Unit % to Goal

P206  90%
P209  121%
P283  37%
P285  23%
P297  0%
P301  42%
P303  0%
P327  13%
P330  66%
P337  59%
P372  59%
P388  38%
P391  67%
P409  0%
P426  20%
P427  240%
P429  182%
P477  131%
P481  63%
P537  120%
P538  95%
P539  0%
P577  127%
P589  96%
T174  82%
T206  91%
T209  125%
T283  121%
T303  106%
T327  47%
T330  33%
T337  47%
T345  67%
T409  101%
T424  108%
T426  8%
T430  104%
T477  45%
T481  84%
T537  129%
T539  197%
T567  117%
T569  57%
T570  129%
T571  90%
T589  105%
C283  100%
W175  0%
W192  2%
W202  17%
W292  0%
W295  0%
W586  0%
W702  0%
W789  83%



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