Improved Webelos Transition - District Webelos Transition Chair

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A key person to successful Webelos graduation is the district Webelos transition chair. This person is a member of the district membership committee and is charged with making sure every Webelos Scout is given an opportunity to join a troop.


4a) Contact all packs in early fall to update a list of all fifth-grade Webelos Scouts.

4b) Coach Cubmasters and Webelos den leaders in the transition process at roundtables, training courses, and through personal contact.

4c) Report to the membership committee chair, and keep the district committee informed.

4d) Track and maintain records of Webelos graduation by using a wall chart that lists the transition record of each pack.

4e) Work with unit commissioners to follow up on Webelos Scouts who have not joined a troop.

4f) Work toward 100 percent Webelos transition.

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