Service Projects and Reporting


All Scouting groups are encouraged to participate in service projects thoughout the year. This is a time for all Scouting groups to conduct meaningful, visible service projects of their choice in their communities. You are encouraged to discuss and choose your projects with the help of your Scouts, committee, and chartered organization. At least one service projects should be done for your chartered organization; others for the cause of your choice. Projects done in collaboration with other organizations are highly recommended. Projects may be conducted at any time. Scouting was founded on the premise of doing a Good Turn daily. Community service is very important in the character-building process and, as Scouts, we have made the commitment to give back to our communities.

District Service Projects
Scouting for Food - April 22-29, 2018
Community Clean-Ups for Water Quality - Nov 3-19, 2017

Community Service Opportunities
Here you will find a list of Community Service Opportunities for your Pack, Crew, or Troop.

Community Service Opportunities

Reporting Service Hours

1. Start by locating your Unit ID in the List of Unit ID Numbers (below).

2. Login using your Unit ID number or create a new one.

3. Enter Your Service Hours: Service Hours Reporting website

You will need to track the number of registered and non-registered youth and adults, total hours, partnering organization if any, a brief description, and a few other types of information based upon the category you select. Use your best judgment as to the category for your service project.

NOTE:  If this is a service project for your Chartered Organization, your description MUST begin with the words CHARTERED ORG.

Instructions/ Help

Helpful tips for a successful service project
Help on the Service Hours Reporting website
Service Hours Reporting website
List of Unit ID Numbers

All Service projects should be recorded in the Service Hours Reporting Website

December 31, 2018 Deadline

Community Service Coordinator - Open

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