Webelos Crossing Over to Troops

We are coming up on the Crossover Season when 5th Grade Webelos will be moving up to Boy Scout Troops. Packs are all busy planning great ceremonies as these youth essentially graduate from the Cub Scout program.

Remember that when Webelos move into a Troop, they become Boy Scouts and advance at their own pace. They can be as active as they want to be. So although many youth participate in sports and other activities that take time away from Troop participation, they are always welcome at Scouts. Choosing Scouts or sports or other activities usually doesn’t need to be a decision. Choosing which to participate in for individual conflicts of events is a true learning experience for youth setting priorities and balancing their lives.

Scouting accomplishes activities through a fun-filled program in an outdoor classroom. We hope all 5th Grade Webelos will join a Troop on this exciting adventure! Each Troop approaches a planning year differently having fun and adventure planned that the youth want to do. If Webelos have not yet chosen a Troop, they can look for one at and get contact information for Troops in their area.

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Mellissa Stanfa-Brew
Webelos Transition Chair

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