Updates added to the District Unit Map

The District Unit Map is now easier to use by unit leaders, district members, and parents. The contact information for each unit, key unit leader, and commissioner is included.

The updates:

  • SEARCH BAR was added to the upper right corner of the page
  • Girl troop indicator added
  • Larger pop-up added when you click on a marker
  • Title was added to the page
  •  A ‘street view’ of each meeting location added from Google Streets
  • Better user directions

The District Unit Map can be found at  Home/ District Unit Map, or direct link . Click on the blue button, “Unit Map – Including Unit and Key Leader Contact Information”.

If you discover any information that is not correct, please let the district know by clicking blue button, “Update Your Unit’s Information”,

Thanks go out to Mike Lawrance (Troop 283 and district member) for his suggestions and work on this project.

Lake Minnetonka District BSA



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