Unit Commissioners To-Do’s for July and August


Dear Unit Commissioners,

  1. As the summer months continue on, I need your help with a few items.All units should be working toward completing JTE Guideposts 2 and 3, Program and Budget Planning and Communications plans. Please keep in contact with your units as they work towards completing these tasks. When the tasks are completed, log the results into the JTE 2.0 Guidepost Reporting System located at (As of today no results have been logged) The deadline for completion is August 31, 2018.
  2. The August Roundtable – The Burger Burn – on August 2, 2018 is about 1 month away and registration (for food count) is lagging behind last year at this time. This is an important event and each unit needs to be present to receive information on the fall recruiting events, School Night for Scouting, Popcorn sales, and JTE Guideposts for 2018. District Subcommittees will be present to inform and help units when and where necessary. PLEASE CONTACT ALL YOUR UNIT LEADERS AND TRY TO GET THE MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION FROM EACH UNIT. FREE FOOD (donations) and KIDS ARE WELCOME. Ask them to register ASAP.
  3. All Unit Commissioners are requested to attend the Burger Burn. Learn all that is going on and be able to help your units that need addition help and identify your units that do not attend.
  4. The District is still in need of additional Unit Commissioners. Please look around your areas and identify those individuals that you think have the qualities to be a good Unit Commissioner and forward their name(s) to me. I really need your help on this. I can’t do this task alone.
  5. Keep reminding your Unit Leaders about the October 31, 2018 deadline for completing the NEW Youth Protection Training. Do not wait until the last moment and risk not being able to complete recharter on time.

Thanks for all your help and all that you do for your Units.


Allan Arntson
District Commissioner

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