School Night for Scouting 2016

Our Fall Recruitment of Cub Scouts

The 2016 School Night for Scouting (SNFS) is what we call our campaign to recruit young people to the Scouting family. The greatest emphasis is placed on recruiting boys who are in kindergarten through 5th grade for Cub Scouts. On September 22, 2016 we will have our Cub Scout leaders in every elementary school from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. for the sole purpose of helping new families join Cub Scouts.

Even though more effort is on recruiting Cub Scouts, School Night for Scouting is also an opportunity for boys who are 11 years of age through age 18 to join Boy Scouts. Young men and young women age 13 (and finished the 8th grade) up to age 21 can join Venturing; the high adventure program of the Boy Scouts of America.

2016 SNFS Theme
The 2016 School Night for Scouting theme is superheroes! It was picked because Cub Scouts and superheroes have SO much in common. Qualities such as Trustworthy, Loyal, and Brave are found in both Cub Scouts and superheroes. both are quick to help others and are prepared to take on the next great adventure that awaits them.

Date and Location
School Night for Scouting will be held at every elementary school in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin on Thursday, September 22 from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Cost and Registration
Fees to join Scouting are $32 for a membership until December 31, 2017 and an additional $16 for a monthly subscription to Boys’ Life magazine. You’ll be able to register in-person no matter which school you visit.

Can’t Make It?
Don’t worry! If you can’t make it out to School Night for Scouting, you can register online! Visit or



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