Reminder: New Leaders need to Complete Youth Protection Training

As we recruit new Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers, we always try to recruit new adult leaders. As a reminder, all Scouting leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training prior to registering. Unit leaders should instruct any interested volunteer to visit and login by creating an account to access the training.

For Charter Renewals this fall, all Leaders must be up-to-date in YPT Training. Many leaders took the new version of YPT in the Fall of 2018, so please check to ensure they are current in YPT.

Youth Protection Training for Youth is also extremely important. These videos are available to download at: and include: “It Happened to Me” for Cub Scouts, “A Time to Tell” for Scouts BSA, and “Personal Safety Awareness” for Venturers. Parents of Cub Scouts must be invited to attend a viewing of the video training with their child.

All Venturing members who are over 18 years of age must take the new Adult Leader Youth Protection Training mentioned above.

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